Are you looking for the best southern brand to invest in for shirts and hats? Do you want to find hat brands from the south that support ranchers and farmers? If so, then you need to learn about YNOT, one of the most inspirational and incredible southern hat brands out there today.

In our opinion, a brand should have more behind it than a way to make a profit. We're focused on delivering you top-notch apparel, all while inspiring change in the world.

See below for an in-depth guide on what makes YNOT Lifestyle Brand so special and white they're the best southern apparel country out there today.

1. Powerful Backstory

Very few people have had to endure what Cody Moran has been through in his lifetime. He was in a tragic car accident that paralyzed him. 

Fortunately, he was able to train his mind to move forward and recovered to a point where he is still able to drive and do all of the things that mean the most to him. 

But that isn't the only adversity that he faced. Years later, he was diagnosed with Leukemia, where he once again focused on the positive and propelled himself forward; he overcame that as well.

Cody was able to overcome those hurdles, and several more along the way, by having a positive perspective and seeing each new day as an opportunity to seek out new challenges and overcome them. 

That's the inspiration behind our YNOT brand. If Cody Moran can overcome such tragic life-altering events, why not you? Why not anyone else? Why can't all of us battle through defeat and come out to the other side stronger than ever?

Our entire brand serves as a reminder to move forward. Instead of dwelling on the past, create new goals for yourself and see them through. Control what you can control, and be grateful for the blessings you have in your life each day.

2. Farmer and Rancher Support

Being from Fort Myers, Florida, we take tremendous pride in the way our Founders were raised: on a farm. YNOT Lifestyle Brand is proud to support many farmers and ranchers in the nation. 

We wanted to create clothing that would support ranchers in many different ways. Each of our hats and shirts offers multiple levels of support for local farmers.

First, the message on each shirt and hat sends a message of support for farmers and ranchers alike. Our hats have messages such as "Eat more beef", "Support local farmers", "No farmers, no food", and "Farm use". 

Secondly, we create our clothing with materials that support a rancher's work life. The materials of our shirts are all made with lightweight cotton (and some with a blend of poly) that's breathable, yet durable. It can withstand all the snags, all the sweat, and all the mud.

But all work and no play would make a rancher a dull boy! That's why our shirts are also designed to be worn while you're out on the town, hanging out by the bonfire, or just hanging with some friends. 

3. Genuine Aesthetic

When someone says farmer clothes or rancher clothes, what comes to mind? We're willing to bet that you're envisioning something genuine and authentic. That's what inspired us to create our hats out of the best materials available. 

All of our hats and shirts have a high-quality aesthetic, it's what makes us one of the best southern hat brands out there. 

For example, each of our hats comes with a trucker-style design featuring top-notch mesh, durable cotton, and poly-twill front, plastic adjustable snaps, and an embroidered patch. No screen print. No glued-on patches. Only the best for our customers!

Each of our shirts is either made from 100-percent ring-spun cotton or a blend of ring-spun cotton and polyester. They'll look perfect tucked into some high-quality jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat or a trucker hat from our collection. Whatever fits your fancy!

4. Cost-Efficient Clothing

As we said before, we're out to inspire people, not cheat you out of your hard-earned money. Sure, we offer top-notch products, but our focus is on selling our products at a price that gives you the highest return on your investment.

We wear all of our hats and shirts ourselves. We've tried them out and made sure that they were able to keep up with the lifestyle of a rancher: a lot of hard work and playtime as well!

All of our products are sure to fit your budget. We even offer you the option of paying with 4 interest-free installments for orders between $50 and $3,000.

5. Southern Charm

You can't be the best of all southern hat brands without having your clothing exude the southern charm that everyone has come to expect.

We're proud Floridians! All of our products offer positive, funny, and uplifting messages. Take, for example, our shirt that reads "Keepin' It Rural" or "Locally Grown". Like we said: southern charm at its finest.

We like to let our clothing's performance and durability speak for themselves. Purchase one shirt and one hat, and we promise you'll be back for more real soon. Y'all come back, now!

Invest in the Best of All Southern Hat Brands: YNOT Lifestyle Brand

Now that you have seen an in-depth list of reasons why YNOT Lifestyle Brand is the best of all southern hat brands, be sure to check out our line of hats and shirts!

Do you want to learn a bit more about our backstory? If so, then be sure to visit this page to learn more about YNOT. For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out to us by email at

November 17, 2021 — Ashlie Abbott

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