Move. Forward.

Move. Forward.

As most of you know, our company was founded around our tragic, yet, inspiring story. The whole thing is a great example of how someone’s mindset can change everything. Cody Moran didn’t plan on being paralyzed, and he didn’t see the leukemia coming. After his accident, however, he trained his mind to move forward. Instead of accepting defeat, he decided to treat each new day as an opportunity to conquer something. His story of being able to overcome such things is what has connected with people all over the country.


As a company, we challenge you to wake up every morning with that “move forward” mentality. Every day will come with a challenge, struggle, or disappointment. How you react to those things set the foundation for what is to come for the reminder of the day, week, and your future in general. Mindset is everything!

We encourage you to set goals for yourself. They don’t have to be big goals but you should have some long-term and short-term goals. Once you set those goals, write them down or save them somewhere so you can look at them continuously. Then, motivate yourself to do something each day to put yourself one step closer to achieving that goal.

Sometimes, we realize that the goals we set are unrealistic. We all have been there! Don’t give up or trash it completely. Modify the goal or the path to get there and keep moving forward.

Nothing worth achieving in life is going to come easy. Be prepared by having that hard-working mindset. Always humble yourself and give it all you got. Don’t worry, if you don’t humble yourself life will do it for you.

As with any other normal person, the path is also not always easy for us at YNOT Lifestyle Brand. However, we continue to move forward every day by setting goals, working hard, being as humble as we can, and moving forward with a positive mindset. If you do this in your everyday life, we know you will continue to succeed. If Cody can do it, you can too!

Move. Forward.


- Zebb Luster, Co-Founder

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