Ever since the fast fashion industry has ramped up its production, clothing has become replaceable to many. In fact, the average number of times that anyone wears a specific clothing item they own has decreased by 36% over the past two decades.

While new and trending clothing has its place in the fashion industry, none come close to replacing staple clothing items that we have owned for years. These include pieces such as jeans, tank tops, and basic pocket tees.

You can wear these staple pieces over and over for any occasion without fail. This is especially the case with your favorite pocket tees.

In this article, we'll go over 20 different ways to pair and wear your well-loved pocket tees so that you never look like you're reusing outfits. Read on to learn how to turn an ordinary style t-shirt into a key statement outfit.

Styling Pocket Tees for Women

When it comes to styling women's t-shirts, women have a far greater variety of outfits to spice up some basic pocket tees. Below are ten ways to wear a pocket tee that doesn't look plain old boring.

Some of these styles may not be suitable for your everyday workwear as a farmer. However, you can always style your favorite farmer's pocket tees on your off time for date nights or outings with the family. 

1. Off the Shoulder 

Off-the-shoulder tops break the rules, and that's exactly what you need when it comes to styling basic pocket tees.

These tops feature an elegant Bardot neckline, also known as off-the-shoulder necklines, and can make a boring top, interesting. They elevate the entire outfit by highlighting the collarbones and bare shoulders, drawing attention to what's on top: your beautiful face.

You can wear an off-the-shoulder t-shirt in a few different ways. Here's how to wear this style pocket tee for the rule-breakers.

If your pocket tee has a neckline that is even on both sides, wear your pocket tee off only one shoulder so that the top is asymmetrical. Symmetry may be pleasing, but it can be boring. We're not here to follow the rules.

2. With Heels

Heels are traditionally worn for work, special occasions like weddings and birthdays, and nights out on the weekend. Many women, however, have adopted heels as a part of their daily wardrobe, giving them a boost of confidence along with a boost in height.

Aside from societal and cultural expectations, women also choose to wear heels for reasons ranging from:

  • better posture
  • a lifted behind
  • elongated legs
  • better walking stride
  • greater elegance

Think, block heels, kitten heels, slim heels, or even stilettos. A little height to your footwear can change and transform the look of an ordinary outfit into a chic one.

Heels paired with a pocket tee and a pair of dark blue jeans communicate that you are laid-back, but not one to be messed with.

3. With Baby Blue Skinny Jeans

Do you know what always goes well with a pocket t-shirt? A fitted pair of blue jeans. In fact, blue jeans go well with any block-colored top--nonetheless, for a stylish pocket tee.

You may think, jeans and a pocket tee? Is that all there is to this outfit?

Hold your horses! There's reason to this rhyme.

Think about all the paparazzi shots of celebrities going on their daily stroll, running their daily errands. They're dressed in quite simple outfits--a pair of jeans and a colored tee. They're not decked out in labels and bling.

What they do well, is wear high-quality garments that fit them.

Don't overlook simple details such as tailoring for a perfect fit, that make your clothes look expensive. With the right touch, a pocket tee and a fitted pair of blue jeans can certainly impress.

4. With Ripped Shorts

Like with a pair of baby blue skinny jeans, a pocket t-shirt style pairs well with ripped shorts.

What a pair of ripped shorts does for the outfit is make it edgier and less boring. This outfit plays on the contrast between the frayed edges of the shorts and the straight edges of the pocket tee.

If your pocket tee is loose enough, tuck the front of the shirt into the shorts and let the back hang as is. This creates a loose, laid-back effect.

To complete the rest of the look, throw on a pair of knee-high cowboy boots and a hat. Finish the outfit off with the purse of your choice.

Here's a small tip: keep your accessories a similar tone and color to tie the entire look together.

5. Tucked Into a Skirt

You may already know the biggest secret about skirts: they help us look like we put a lot of effort into our outfits, but in reality, it was easier to put that on than to put on pants. Nobody else has to know this though--let's keep this between you and me.

Styling pocket tees with skirts is an easy way to turn an ordinary t-shirt into a more put-together outfit. It also gives a nice, feminine touch.

Don't limit yourself to only wearing circle skirts and A-line skirts, however. They're pretty designs, but there are so many different styles of skirts to pair with your pocket tee.


  • midi skirts
  • maxi skirts
  • mesh overlay skirts
  • flowy skirts
  • high-low skirts
  • denim skirts
  • asymmetrical mini skirts

Wearing these skirts with a pocket t-shirt gives the outfit a more casual look, even if the skirt is fancier. You can complete the look with a comfortable pair of shoes such as flats or sneakers. 

This is a perfect fit for a date night out. 

6. Tucked Into Bell Bottoms

While we love skinny, fitted jeans, bell-bottoms complement a pocket tee outfit well.

Popular in the '70s and again in the '90s, bell bottoms have a surprisingly rich history that most people would never have imagined. In fact, the debut of bell-bottoms did not begin in the '70s, but the seventeenth century.

During this period, sailors and seamen wore bell bottoms as a practical and functional design. They were easy to roll up for tasks including washing the deck. They also served as a floating device when pulled over the boots in the case that a sailor fell overboard.

Bell bottoms are airy and comfortable, hip-hugging, and flattering on every body shape. It is no wonder that these style bottoms have made reappearances in the fashion world time and again.

Tuck your old pocket tee into a pair of bell-bottoms, and you've got yourself a chic outfit.

7. Under Overalls

Our rancher's pocket tees go well under a pair of denim bib overalls. If you're working under the sun, substitute it with one of our heavyweight long-sleeve t-shirts.

Our satisfied customers have raved about how surprised they were to find that our shirts were of such high quality. Our women's t-shirts are soft on the skin and roomy enough so that you can move around with ease. After all, we are a farmer's lifestyle brand.

Wearing one of our t-shirts with a pair of overalls completes the farmer's aesthetic.

This outfit is roomy, comfortable, and practical for farmers who work on their land. Even if you don't work on the farm, it is so easy to throw on a pair of overalls on top of your pocket tee. That's an outfit right there!

8. With a Front Knot

We don't know when front knots became a thing but, they're quite cute and they make a plain old pocket tee more interesting. If you've got an old pocket tee that you would like to upcycle without making permanent alterations, this is definitely a style to try.

Here's how to make an easy front knot on your women's t-shirt.

Collect the fabric at the bottom of your shirt, bunch it up to the height that you want the bottom of your shirt to rest at, and tie a knot. If you don't have enough extra fabric to tie a knot, you can also use a rubber band or hair tie in its place.

The final step is to take the tail of the extra fabric and tuck it under your shirt. Adjust the slack and flow of the shirt so that you can move around and feel comfortable.

Now, you've got yourself a new t-shirt style that hugs and flatters your body. What makes it even better is that this is the same old pocket tee you've always had, just better.

9. With a Square Scarf

Aside from wearing headwear and footwear, there are other ways to elevate a boring outfit. Wearing a square scarf around your neck can make a plain old pocket tee look less dull.

You can find women's square scarves in many different colors, styles, and fabrics. Some of the most common fabrics for square scarves include:

  • silk
  • cashmere
  • cotton
  • wool blends

Because you are styling this scarf with a light pocket t-shirt, we recommend opting for a lightweight fabric such as silk or cashmere. These fabrics also tend to look more luxurious.

To tie the look together (pun intended), you can tie your scarf in a variety of ways. For example, try the fake men's tie knot, the one-shoulder drape, or a regular square knot.

Square scarves can transform the outfit from a basic pocket tee outfit to an elegant, dashing fit. Try it out!

10. With a Loud Bottom Print

Most pocket tees have a minimal design. 

For example, our rancher's pocket tee comes with our YNOT logo on the pocket and our brand message across the back. In fact, we have crafted our entire apparel line to get this one message across: get back up when you have fallen.

What matters is not failure (or perceived failure), but your reaction to the situation. If you haven't already, check out our brand story and mission behind our YNOT clothing line. We aim to spread our message far and wide.

Going back to styling minimal design pocket tees, they pair well with some loud bottom prints. This is a great opportunity to introduce patterns and designs into the overall outfit.

Try and play around with:

  • leopard print
  • camo print
  • tribal print
  • bohemian patterns

Because, why not? It doesn't hurt to wear fun and lively clothing. Life is too short to hide away and fit in. Be loud. Take up space. Be unapologetic about it.

Styling Pocket Tees for Men

For the fellas whose pocket tees are a staple in their wardrobes, here are ten different ways to style your men's t-shirts. These pairings and accessories will have your friends taking styling notes from you. We guarantee it. 

1. Under a Flannel

Flannels hit the shelves of retail stores every year during the fall without fail. If you're a farmer yourself, you likely already own one or more cozy, fall flannel.

The craze with flannels is not a coincidence. You don't have to be a Vermonter to understand why flannels are so popular.

If you've ever owned a flannel, you know how lightweight and soft the fabric is. This woven fabric provides you style with comfort. They're not stiff or unforgiving like other shirts and tops.

Flannels are also great for keeping you warm during the chilly weather!

To style your flannel, pair it with a men's t-shirt and a pair of jeans or chino depending on the occasion. For casual outings, jeans will do fine. To dress it up, tuck your flannel into a pair of chinos.

2. With Jeans

You likely already wear your pocket tees with your favorite pair of jeans. Here, we'll teach you how to pair and adjust your jeans so that they look even better styled.

When it comes to denim, color matters.

If your favorite pair of jeans is dark, wear a light-colored pocket tee. If your jeans are light-colored, wear a dark-colored tee. This gives the outfit more depth and contrast as opposed to wearing all light or all dark.

However, this does not mean that you can't wear monochrome. Wearing all-black can give you a looming mysterious feel whereas all-white looks neat and put together.

As for the hem, a clean cuff pulls the look all together!

3. With Cargo Pants

This one is for the men who like to bend the rules a little.

Break out those cargo pants and pair them with a simple pocket tee. You can even layer this outfit with an open plaid flannel and some boots.

Why does this outfit work?

It's the contrast in feel.

Cargo pants were originally designed for military wear and later adapted for use in working outdoors--perfect for the modern-day farmer. These bottoms give the outfit a tough and durable feel, which is a stark contrast to a simple pocket tee on its own.

To take things a step further, glean inspiration from men's street style lookbooks and try a pair of loose and baggy cargo pants. They may surprise you with how comfortable they feel.

4. With a Hat

Part of your everyday workwear on the farm includes a hat of some sort. If you don't have a favorite one yet, check out our farmer-designed caps! They're designed by farmers for farmers like you.

Headgear is crucial to protecting you against the sun's potent ultraviolet rays. These rays can give you skin cancer over time if you don't take precautions. In fact, research has found that one in every five Americans develop skin cancer by the time they reach the age of 70.

For an added measure of protection, apply sunscreen to the face and cover up any exposed skin with our long-sleeve men's t-shirts.

5. With Sweatpants

Some people are radically against wearing sweatpants outside of their homes. They believe that wearing sweatpants suggests that you've given up; it's the lowest form of fashion.

However, street style and streetwear have much to say on this topic. If anything, sweatpants are one of the key clothing items that are central to street fashion. You can build dashing outfits with them.

For one, you can style your favorite pair of sweatpants with a simple pocket tee. As the color guidelines for denim follow, try pairing light with dark, and dark with light.

As for shoes, you can never go wrong with a pair of white sneakers!

6. With a Fanny Pack

Fanny packs, waist packs, belly bags— they’re all the same thing: a small pouch that you wear on your body to keep your belongings close to you.

It gets its name from people wearing the bag around their waist, either sitting on their bottoms or their front side. This is the old way to wear fanny packs. Let's switch things up!

Instead of wearing these fanny packs around your waist, sling the bag cross-body so that it sits diagonally on your torso. Adjust the pouch or bag so that it sits on your chest.

This method of wearing a fanny pack highlights the breast pocket on your pocket tee. For added effect, choose a pocket tee with a clean design on the pocket, like on our Livestock Tee.

7. With Loud Shorts

If wearing color scares you, it's a good thing! This shows you an area where you feel vulnerable and self-conscious. This means that you can work on it.

Here at YNOT, we are a glass-half-full kind of brand. We are adamant about making the best of any situation so that we can rewrite our stories as captains of our ships.

Take a step outside of your comfort zone and pair your favorite pocket tee with bold colored shorts. Try contrasting colors such as pairing our baby blue Combine Tee with some bright pink shorts.

You may feel uncomfortable at first, but soon enough, you'll realize that it's not that big of a deal. No one questions your fashion choices as much as you think.

8. With Camo Pants

It seems like an unwritten rule with camo pants that you must pair these bottoms with a white or black pocket tee. However, if you like to live a little louder, try a bright-colored pocket tee, like orange, with these camo pants.

For shoes, you can opt for comfort with a pair of classic sneakers. Or, go for a pair of utility boots to match the tough look of these camo pants.

9. Under a Cardigan

Flannels are not the only layering option for styling your men's pocket tee. You can also layer your t-shirt with a bulky knit cardigan.

Who says cardigans are only for females?

One of the most flattering knit cardigans for men to pair with a simple pocket tee is a shawl cardigan with large wooden buttons running down the middle. This cardigan ought to keep you warm and comfortable during the chillier months.

However, be mindful that when pairing this kind of cardigan with your favorite pocket tee, you don't cover the pocket accent on your t-shirt. Wear the cardigan open as you would with a flannel to show off your simple but special pocket t-shirt.

10. With Sunglasses

Pocket tees and a pair of sunnies--it's a simple combination, but it works. It pairs well even when you're not working outside on the farm.

However, you likely spend most of your day under the potent sun. It helps to have a pair of shades to protect your eyes and to prevent early aging from squinting.

You may not even realize you're squinting, but it makes sense. Squinting helps to let in less light, allowing you to focus on what you're looking at. Under the sun, it can become quite hard to see unless you have a pair of shades.

Accessorizing a pocket tee with a pair of sunglasses can make for good daily workwear, and it's casual enough to wear on the regular outside the farm.

Make Your Pocket Tees a Statement

Why not?

We are a farmer lifestyle brand, but our message here at YNOT transcends the farmer lifestyle. We encourage those who have felt down, defeated, and hopeless to take the opportunity to rise above the challenges.

Life isn't perfect, but we shouldn't expect it to be. This is all part of the larger experience, and to even be able to experience this is a blessing.

We have embedded our message into each design of our pocket tees so you can also spread the message! Check out our new arrivals for our latest designs!

December 01, 2021 — Ashlie Abbott

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