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Get familiar with the YNOT Lifestyle Brand (YLB). YNOT was founded in 2015 on a hope and a dream. The hope was to inspire people to overcome life’s obstacles and live life over the edge. The dream was to provide a trendsetting shop for farmers living in the 21st century. As farmers, ourselves, we know that the image most people have when they picture farmers isn’t accurate. Nonetheless, we can be stylish and cool on our own terms. The YNOT brand exemplifies that notion.

It’s equally important to us to create farmer fashion that has a message. Our biggest message is to support local farmers. It’s us farmers who nourish and grow what grocery stores sell, butchers cut, and families eat at the dinner table. We make the world go ‘round, and it’s primetime we get supported.

Who Can Use a Farming Hat?

YNOT’s distinctive farming and trucker hats are not your everyday hats. We designed our hats to appeal specifically to the modern-day farmer who loves the rural lifestyle. YLB hats are about inspiring farmers and encouraging them to show their individuality. Remember, there is only one you. Take pride in the uniqueness of being a farmboy or farmgirl. There aren’t many of us out there.

A Friend

Does your friend live on a ranch? Does he or she enjoy wrangling cows and chasing horses? If, “yes,” then a farming hat is a great idea for a present! The rarity of farming hats makes the gift all the more special. To top it off, YNOT only works with quality manufacturers, ensuring the hats keep their shape for years to come. A gift should last, shouldn’t it?

A Partner

Do you and your partner own a farm? Is he a country guy and you a country girl or vice versa? If so, YNOT give him or her a classic, flatbill farming hat as a gift? You can even buy a matching set. Many of our farmer and trucker caps come in different colors, so you can buy your partner multiple hats to fit their style and personality.

A Parent

What better way to tell Mom and Dad you love them than to give them a unique farming hat? YNOT offers an extensive collection of farmer-friendly hats that connect yesterday’s farmer to today’s farmer. When you search through our hats, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect fit for your parents. 

A Grandparent

Were your grandparents ranchers? Surprise them with a spiffy trucker hat. It’s bound to spark an unforgettable conversation that also gifts you with a few pearls from your elders. It’ll also show your grandparents how much you love them and pay attention to their old farm stories. 


YNOT get one for yourself? Block out the sun beneath one of our classic flatbills. It’s all right if you’re not a farmer, yourself. Any of our farming hats would still look great on you. You can use a farming hat to spruce up your wardrobe. A farming cap can also give your outfit a one-of-a-kind southern vibe that outdoes the rest. Not to mention, an Eat More Beef cool farming hat may inspire local BBQ restaurant managers or butchers to give you a discount. 

Why Buy a Farming Hat?

You should buy a farming hat because they’re cool, different from the rest, and stylish. They’d also make a nice addition to a hat collection. Browse some of our best farming hat options below. Oh, and did we mention our farming hats are only $32.00? 

Cattlemen Flatbill

Our classic, 5 panel, high profile Cattlemen Flatbill farmer hat has inspired over 35 customers. With its comfortable cotton, moisture-friendly polyester blend, and precise embroidery, it’s no wonder this hat has 4 ½ stars. It comes in five color variants, from the more reserved all black to the upbeat black, white, and turquoise.

YLB Cattle Co. Flatbill

This white hat for farmers is a must-have. The YLB Cattle Co. Flatbill features a smooth texture and breathable mesh back, completed with a plastic adjustable snap to fit most head sizes. A fashionable embroidered patch is front and center, declaring your status as a cattle person who encourages people to support other farmers by eating more beef. 

Gearjammer Flatbill

Add this trucker hat to your closet to turn heads. The Gearjammer Flatbill fashionably combines gray, white, red, and white, so it’ll pair well with most standard farmer clothes. The bright colors glisten amidst the summer’s sun. The radiant red complements the iridescent blue, ensuring you get more compliments than you can handle. These well-thought-out features also make this flatbill wearable in all seasons.  

Eldorado Flatbill

The Eldorado Flatbill utilizes the quintessential bull horn cow emblem and top-tier embroidery to create a unique farming hat. When you snap on this farming cap, you can rest easily under the shade of the flatbill and not worry about getting such a prized possession dirty. The mesh back reduces sweat and the adjustable snap piece makes it fitting for most sizes.


Our Hi-Yield farming hat is a special find. It already has over 20 five-star reviews. With its durable form, neat stitching, and colorful brocade, you can see why so many customers give this hat rave reviews. 

The Hi-Yield takes commonly grown vegetables as inspiration for its patchwork colors. The green reminds you of morning grass. The orange reminds you of fresh carrots. The red reminds you of juicy tomatoes, and the brown reminds you of the fertile soil you need to bring it altogether.

Shop the Best Farming Hats from YNOT Lifestyle Brand

Farming hats are an exclusive wear to a small community. They show your southern pride and tell people what you stand for. When shopping for farming hats, why not shop with genuine farmers who are committed to bringing quality, high fashion, and creativity to today’s farmer? With over 80,000 sales and countless happy customers, YNOT Lifestyle Brand is your best bet for cool farming hats. Visit our website today, if you’re proud to wear your farmer cap out loud.

June 08, 2023 — Ashlie Abbott
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