YNOT: A Lifestyle Brand for Modern Farmers

YNOT Lifestyle Brand is an online apparel store, meant for farmers and ranchers who want quality and a modern feel to their clothes and accessories. We’ve made it our mission to provide farmers and ranchers with trendy attire for over seven years. And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

Farmers and Ranchers Love YNOT Lifestyle Brand

YNOT Lifestyle Brand established itself as a top provider of fashion-forward farmers and ranchers clothing in 2015. Since then, our business has grown tremendously. Our business has seen over 80,000 sales. Many sales are from new and returning customers. We continue to get repeat buyers because our customer service is in a league of its own.

Check out our simple but practical business model. 

We offer automatic free shipping on orders totaling $125 (before taxes). So don’t worry about forgetting to punch in a discount code during checkout. We also have a cozy 30-day return policy (not that we think you’ll need it. Wink. Wink.). Some online stores only allow for exchanges. Not us. If you return an unused purchase in its original condition within the 30-day window, we’ll issue a refund (exceptions apply). 

YNOT has a newsletter, so you can take advantage of our exclusive offers, get updates on sold out items and tracking information, and learn more about special events when you subscribe.

Oh! And did we mention we’re on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest? Unlike other clothing brand social media accounts, our pages are active. We respond to comments, share the stylish pictures of you wearing our cool farmer hats, and update regularly. Not to mention, our accounts help keep current farmer culture alive! Our pages are also a great space for you to interact with fellow farmers and ranchers across the globe. By following us on social media, you’ll meet like minds and get new followers yourself. You can also see the latest farm trucker hat styles.

Modern Farm Truck Hat Options

Life may not always be beautiful, but life can be great when you buy a cool farm trucker hat. So what does your great life with one of our hats look like? Is your farm trucker hat neatly embossed with exceptional embroidery? Is its fine quality highlighted by our manufacturer’s impeccable printing? Does the flatbill block out that glistening sun on a summer day all too well? Or is it that the interior rests comfortably against your head? 

You decide as we feature some of our best hats for modern-day farmers.

Hi-Yield Flatbill

This classic, 5-panel, high-profile trucker’s cap screams “buy me!” And who could blame you? With its flawless stitchwork, on-time message, and neutral colors suitable for most outfit combinations, this $32.00 beauty is a steal. It features an adjustable plastic snap back, ensuring most head sizes can wear it.

YLB Rope Flatbill

Life is about choices, and so are our hats. The YLB Rope Flatbill boasts five color combination variants to reflect the many personalities of our customers. For example, our black, gold, and white variant is perfect for a youthful teen who likes to have fun nights and live life on the edge. Our black and white variant is just right for a man or woman on the go who’d like a farm trucker hat that pairs well with most things.

Cattle Co.

Are you proud of your southern lifestyle? Then this Cattle Co. hat is right up your alley. The embroidery patch makes stylistic use of the word southern and the always-fashionable bull horn cow to make a bold declaration of your southern pride. This adjustable cap is so popular that it already has over 30 reviews from verified buyers.


Some ranchers are just simple folk in need of a functional flatbill farmer cap. In which case, we have the YNOT statement piece hat just for you. It’s not too plain. It’s not too flashy. It’s fit for younger and more refined, older farmers and ranchers. More than 50 reviewers agree with us, too!

Bandit Flatbill

You’ll be hard pressed to find a farmer who doesn’t like beef. We mean eating them, too. Not just raising them. The Bandit Flatbill farm trucker hat tells the world how much you love beef. For only $32.00, you can have all eyes on you or use it as a unique conversation starter with that person you’ve been too shy to approach. With this hat, you probably won’t have to do the approaching.

Featuring dashing, but neutral colors of brown and white, the Bandit Flatbill can be worn all year. It also comes in a smoky black variant, so you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty or stained while you’re living the rural lifestyle.

Roughstock Flatbill

This one-of-a-kind farm trucker flatbill carries an old school vibe. Accentuated with white on white embroidered patchwork and made of composed, but bendable cotton, poly-twill material, the Roughtstock Flatbill lets others know you’re a modern rancher or farmer.

Gearjammer Flatbill

YNOT’s Gearjammer Flatbill displays a proud red, white, and blue, American-themed patch over a dark gray setup that many customers love. It fits most head sizes thanks to its plastic, adjustable snap. Coming with a breathable back to reduce sweating, this affordable trucker cap has a flatbill that promises to keep you in the shade.

The Gearjammer is yet another classic, 5-panel, high-profile cap that is suitable for all ages. The older, peppered haired rancher can turn heads in it just as much as the younger farmer in his or her 20s can. And it’s just $32.00. You can buy one for yourself and a friend at that price. 

You Can Find The Best Farm Trucker Hat at YNOT Lifestyle Brand

By perusing our Hats section, you’re bound to find a trendy farm trucker hat that makes other ranchers jealous. Now, we know stirring up envy ain't the goal. But getting a few dozen extra eyes on you isn’t a bad deal either. Why not be the talk of town? If you’re ready to be the eye candy every man or woman wants, browse our hats today!

June 05, 2023 — Ashlie Abbott

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