Why You Need Cool Hat Companies

YNOT Lifestyle Brand is committed to uplifting others and providing today’s farmers and ranchers with quality clothes as modern as we are. That’s right–YNOT doesn’t just sell to farmers. We are farmers, too! Our online store has everything the modern farm boy and farm girl needs. We’re even one of the best cool hat companies for trendy ranchers. If you’re wondering why you need a cool hat as a farmer, we’ll tell ya why.


Like all fashion, hats are another form of expression. What makes a hat cool to you may not make it cool to someone else, and that’s okay. Hat fashion is about individuality, after all. The patterns, colors, shape, and brand are your choice, making the hat uniquely you.

The hat you wear tells others a little about you. Before you can open your mouth, a farmer hat from one of the best cool hat companies can tell others if you’re outgoing, laid back, a sports’ fan, or a rancher. Hats make a bold statement.


Hats are also about community. When you see someone wear a cool farmer hat that’s similar to yours or from the same cool farmer hat company, there’s a sense of camaraderie. You realize you’re not alone in this world. You understand that there’s someone out there like you. You appreciate that you’ve found a friend. 

Hats promote a closer community. In our case, we farmers take up only 1.3% of employment space within the United States. We’re a small sector of the population. That’s why it’s to our benefit to keep tight. By supporting each other and sharing farmhand experiences only we would understand, we are keeping our community strong. We also keep our community thriving by wearing loud and proud YNOT farmer hats, inspiring the next generation to do what we do. 

Conversation Starters

Believe it or not, hats are an excellent conversation starter. Just think about it–you’re taking a stroll during your lunch break, and someone sees your “Eat More Beef” hat. Now, we all love beef, but not many people would wear a trucker cap that says to eat more beef. Do you think everyone will just walk past you? No way! Someone will definitely stop you and ask about your cool hat.

“Where’d you get it?” “What’s your favorite cut of beef?” “Do you like your beef smoked or grilled?” You’re bound to hear all these questions and more. And–just like that–you’ve made new friends. Maybe you’ve even found a new date. The point is that the potential for conversations and new relationships are endless when you search for cool hat companies. 

Balding or Hair Loss

You or someone you care about may be experiencing hair loss. Age, genetics, cancer treatment, or an illness may be the root of your balding. Whatever its cause, sudden balding can make you feel depressed or anxious. Luckily, you can feel bold and confident when you snap on one of our bestsellers.

Hair Transition 

Are you going through that awkward phase that happens after a haircut when your hair isn’t exactly short, but it’s not long either? Perhaps you’re letting your hair dye grow out. In either scenario, shopping at one of the latest cool hat companies is a perfect solution to an uncomfortable hair transition. 

No one is going to think twice about why you’re donning a trucker cap everyday when it’s from YNOT. YNOT’s selection of mesh, snapback flatbill hats are intentionally striking. All eyes will focus on your cool hat instead of your bad hair day.

Protection from Weather

Farmers spend numerous hours toiling. We’re constantly exposed to the sun. Heavy winds and chilling rain attack us, too. YNOT sell hats to protect us from the weather? Even more, YNOT choose a hat that’s unique and stylish? Our hats are guaranteed showstoppers because our brand focuses on a distinctive community. 

What to Look for When You’re Shopping for Cool Hat Companies

We’ve put together a list of criteria you should consider when buying from cool hat online stores.


Quality is key at YNOT Lifestyle Brand. We can guarantee that our trucker hats are built to last. Some brands don’t invest in quality. To them, quick wear and tear means you’ll return that much sooner to make a duplicate purchase. That’s not how we operate. We believe that customers will return because we don’t cut corners with our manufacturers. 

Our hats are known for their impeccable stitchwork. All our hats have neat, defined stitch lines. You won’t need to worry about unraveling, stray fibers hanging loosely, or uneven patterns. Not on our watch.

Perhaps best of all, verified customers have written that our quality farmer hats keep their form. When you're working tirelessly from sunup to sundown, there’s no time for hats that don’t support your workload and southern lifestyle. You don’t need a hat that’s going to fold on you like a bad friend or lawn chair. A true quality hat, like ours, won’t wrinkle or break in easily.


A good online hat store should offer a variety of hat styles. People aren’t all the same, so neither should your hats be. That’s why YNOT’s hat collection features muted colors, neutral colors, and trucker caps with a pop of color. 

Our farmer hat variety consists of:

  •  hats that make a statement (e.g., “Support Local Farmers,” “Eat More Beef,”  “Support Cattlemen,”
  • hats for farmers with a vibrant personality
  • hats for ranchers who have a more reserved personality
  • hats men and women look dashing in
  • hats that make awesome gifts for young and old farmhands alike
  • hats with color variants, so you have a hat to match each outfit 


It’s a definite self-esteem booster when you shop with a household name. Well, YNOT is absolutely a name people recognize. We have well over 80,000 sales. How’s that for well known, especially when you remember we’re geared towards fellow farmers specifically?

Many sales are from repeat customers. The frequency of returning customers lets you know that we are popular in this community. After all, few people want to shop with a brand that makes others scrunch their face in confusion. And we don’t want you feeling weird because no one knows the label you have on either. Thankfully, that’s not an issue with YLB. In addition to high sales and repeat buyers, our Instagram has almost 100k followers!

There’s another reason to consider a store’s popularity. If a hat store has been around for years and is faring poorly, that’s cause for concern. Typically, uncool hat companies aren’t popular because of bad customer service. Awful quality, items that never arrive, and lack of variety tend to lend a hand to why a shop isn’t doing well, so avoid wasting your time with them. 

Remarkable Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service should never be a choice. It must be a consistent, daily commitment from company to buyer. At YNOT Lifestyle Brand, every customer matters. Every customer has a story. Every customer is someone who’s day we can positively influence with our sunny personality and eagerness to assist with standard customer issues. 

What makes our customer service remarkable? We agree to accept your return for an exchange or store credit, if you make a return within 30 days of sale. You must provide a receipt for proof of purchase. The item (or items) you return must be in new, unworn condition. New and unworn condition means the item still has its tags and intact packaging. The item must also be unwashed. 

It’s our goal to ensure you’re treated fairly, so we conduct an inspection of your returned item or items before sending an approval or rejection email. Approved returns are credited back to you automatically. You don’t need to take further action.

What Sets YNOT Apart from Other Cool Hat Companies

If you do a quick Google search of “cool hat companies,” you’ll probably find sports hats, wonky hats, and vintage hats. You’re less likely to find farmer and rancher hats. There are around 2,600,000 farmhands in this country, which means we make up a tiny portion of the whole agriculture and food employment pie. Yet, our company took a leap of faith back in 2015. Despite being such a small percentage of the population, we knew that would only make us stand out more. 

Our company is decidedly different from others because we don’t mind catering to a small percentage of people. Ranchers are a percentage that matters! You grow the produce grocery stores sell, and Sunday dinner with Ma’ and Pa’ would be nothing without you. You deserve to have a cool hat company cater to your specific needs.

Shop Cool Hats at YNOT Lifestyle Brand

Blazer Flatbill

Our elegant Blazer Flatbill boasts an old school fit and finish. Coming in an iconic black and white pattern, this modern trucker cap will never go out of style. It makes for a perfect gift if you ever need to remind your friend to “live life over the edge.” Ain't that pretty cool?

Auctioneer Flatbill

Share your southern pride with this navy and white Auctioneer Flatbill. It lets people know you’re a proud member of Cattle Company, a.k.a, a farmer, and that you want them to pig out on beef. And nothing says “cool” like having a big cow on your hat. 

Roughstock Flatbill

What’s cooler than the bull horn cow emblem? The symbol of the bull horn cow’s daring, bold black horns is fierce. The skull of the bull horn cow is mysterious and dark. Most of all, this embroidery is artwork everyone will get. Whether the bull horn cow is worn on a belt buckle, rodeo hat, cowboy boots, or ring band, we all know what it represents. 

Are you even a real farmer if you don’t have a bull horn cow hat?

Southern Cattle Flatbill

On its own, a stark white trucker hat doesn’t sound too cool. Guess what we did? We added our signature YNOT flair, of course! Our unique Southern Cattle Flatbill hat can’t be bought elsewhere. Only here will you find a doting mother cow and her sweet baby calf outlined in rich, red embroidery, thoughtfully decorated with blue to top off this cool look with a color pattern reminiscent of the American flag.

What also makes this hat cool is that it shows you’re not ashamed to say you’re a cattle producer. You take joy in your craft. YNOT takes joy in you.


Is it cool to work on farms? Without a doubt, so try on this Fieldhand hat for size. Can’t think of a nice gift idea? The Fieldhand is an excellent choice for a grandparent or boyfriend. Had a fight with your girlfriend? This farmer hat will get her to crack a smile and start talking to you again. However you spin it, “Farm Use” is ideal for you.


Our signature YNOT logo is pretty darn cool, too, so we understand why a classic YNOT Hat is more your speed. Coming in six variations, there’s one to wear for every day of the week, assuming you rest on Sunday. If you don’t rest on Sunday, just buy two of the same kind. After all, you can never have too many cool hats. 

Click on YNOT When Searching for Cool Hat Companies

Typing out “cool hat companies” may not yield the results you want when you’re a trucker or farmer. Thankfully, YNOT Lifestyle Brand has built our success on catering to modern ranchers and others who love the rural, southern lifestyle. If you’re looking to buy a cool hat for yourself or a friend, visit our website, and take advantage of our daily deals. When it comes to cool hat companies, we’re at the top of the list. 

June 12, 2023 — Ashlie Abbott
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