The average person owns 148 articles of clothing. For many consumers, pocket t-shirts are a staple in their wardrobe. Whether you have dozens of pocket tee shirts or are just starting your collection, finding the right style and fit is essential.

If you go to any pocket t-shirt provider, you'll notice countless options for shirts, which makes it overwhelming to find the right one. Continue reading if you want to learn about comparing shirt prices, pocket t-shirt designs, and more.

Materials Used for Pocket T-Shirts

The first consideration when buying pocket t-shirts is the type of material used. Pocket t-shirts can be made of almost any material.

However, if you want a genuinely classic fit and feel, there are a few materials that are better than others. Our favorite materials are cotton, cotton blends, polyester, and rayon.


Cotton is arguably one of the best options for shirts, especially pocket tee shirts. Some of the main reasons are that it's an all-natural fiber, it's soft, and it breathes well. These characteristics make it great for a work t-shirt.

However, cotton is also a preferable option when comparing shirt prices. Cotton is often less expensive to produce than other materials. That means that cotton pocket t-shirts come at a lower cost as well.


Polyester is another popular material chosen by any pocket t-shirt provider. It's valuable for many uses, including food packaging, bedding, and clothing. Unlike cotton, polyester is synthetic, meaning it's an artificial material. 

The benefits of polyester include the ability to hold its shape when washed and to dry quickly. These make it great for a variety of athletics or outdoor work. 


Rayon is also a manufactured material in that it consists of different types of cotton and plant materials. Where cotton pocket tee shirts can be more firm and tough, rayon is smooth and silk-like. 

This is a favored option for sports jerseys since it's known for being lightweight. However, rayon is not as durable as other options for shirts.

Cotton Blends

Cotton can be blended with these other materials to achieve a different look and feel. Cotton blends will be trending at any pocket t-shirt store because they combine the best aspects of the different materials.

Where cotton is sturdy, polyester is breathable, and rayon is silky smooth, a cotton blend can feature all three characteristics. Shirts made with this material are very versatile. 

Size and Fit of Pocket Tee Shirts

Before buying a shirt from a pocket t-shirt provider, you want to be sure it fits correctly. While sizes can vary between retailers, we recommend always trying on a shirt to ensure the proper fit. 

Check the Shoulder Seam

The best way to tell if your pocket tee shirt fits you is by how it sits on your shoulders. You want to pay special attention to the seams in the shoulder of the t-shirt.

If your t-shirt is too large, the shoulder seam will line your shoulders and then start to move down your arm. If your t-shirt is too small, the shoulder seam won't reach the end of your shoulder.

Hem and Hips

While the shoulders are a great indicator of fit, you also want to ensure it sits at the correct length. A shift that's too long or short can negatively affect its functionality.

Pocket t-shirts should sit just below the hips to accommodate most movements. You should be able to bend, twist, and move comfortably without worrying about exposing any skin. Make sure it feels comfortable.

Sleeve Length Options for Shirts

Pocket tee shirts come with different sleeve length options. While the decision is a matter of personal preference, it's worth considering the benefits of each and how they fit your needs.

Long-sleeved t-shirts are great for colder weather or situations where you want to protect your arms. If you prefer simple pocket t-shirt designs, these can also work for a date night outfit. 

Short-sleeve pocket tee shirts are better for hot days and more casual occasions. These are often the most versatile options. 

Pocket T-Shirt Designs

When choosing pocket t-shirt designs, consider your personality. Depending on your preferred style, there are many different design options for shirts. 

The key to choosing suitable pocket t-shirt designs is finding the right color and graphic combinations. You can choose to be unique with fun graphics or keep it simple with a logo.

Other Considerations for Pocket Tee Shirts 

The right material, fit, and design choices all contribute to the perfect pocket tee shirts. Other factors worth considering include durability, versatility, and comfort.


While you can't just walk into a pocket t-shirt store to learn about durability, you can tell a lot from reviews. A good pocket t-shirt provider website should include customer reviews. This is an excellent way to learn about the shirt based on the experience of others. 

Make sure you do what you can to keep your shirt looking and feeling good. All pocket t-shirts come with a care label that tells you how to wash and dry your shirt. Following these guidelines will give you the best durability.


Whether you're working on your family's farm or going out on the town with friends, you want pocket t-shirt designs that are versatile. The key to a versatile t-shirt is quality.

Well-made t-shirts can handle mud and dirt and still be worn out for social occasions. 


Pocket t-shirts, especially those made of 100% cotton, feel rough and stiff when they're brand new. However, they get softer and more comfortable with age.

Some t-shirts are available with a broken-in look and feel. These are comfortable right from the get-go. However, the most important consideration is that the shirt is comfortable and fits your needs.

Find the Right Pocket T-Shirts

Finding the right pocket t-shirts is easy if you know what you want and what to look for. High-quality pocket tee shirts will last for years if you choose a suitable material and follow the necessary care instructions.

Browse our options for shirts today to find the best pocket t-shirt designs for your personality.

February 09, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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