Did you know that the average American owns about 11 hats? If you're looking for something expressive, comfortable, and easy to pair with any outfit, a new ranch-style cap may be just what you need to give your daily wardrobe a boost.

Cattle brand hats are a great way to spruce up any outfit, but how can you choose the best style to fit your needs? Read on to learn some hat options that you can't overlook when going for a rural aesthetic.

Minimalist Text

Minimalism is the idea that less is more. Because minimalist styles are simple and elegant, they can be worn with just about anything. If you're looking to wear a summer hat casually, a YNOT brand-name hat is extremely versatile and stylish.

These hats feature embroidered text on top of a cotton and poly-twill front panel. However, there are other cattle brand hats that fit the bill for this simple minimalist construction as well.

You can also get these appealing hats with slogans like "support cattlemen, eat more beef." These let people know your rural values as soon as they look at you so you can start conversations and form authentic bonds. A simple hat that says "locally-grown" provides a similar benefit in an even simpler design.

You can get any of these awesome styles in multiple colors. Whether you prefer a combination of heather grey/white, charcoal/electric blue, or black/red, there's a perfect hat style out there for you!

If you want something a little softer that goes with any ranch outfit, you may also like our circle-patch hat. This contains YNOT's brand name and logo on a simple white patch. 

Strong Statements

Speaking your mind is important for a plethora of reasons. We bring unique perspectives to our communities, develop intellectual independence, and fulfill our duty to bring what we know to our peers.

With the right kind of cattle ranch hat, you don't even need to use your voice to tell others what your values are!

One way that you can make a statement with your ranch hat is by wearing something that supports farmers. A simple cap with a rectangular patch declaring "no farmers, no food" is a great choice. It shows your support for those who help to grow crops and raise livestock in addition to going well with any other apparel.

One of the main appeals of these caps is that they're minimalistic in the same way that our embroidered designs are. However, if you want to make a longer statement that you don't mind people stopping to read, there are other more actionable statements.

A hat that declares "support local farmers" is a great choice because it gives people the idea to act. These styles also state that "it helps the community grow" when you show your support. In wearing these hats, you don't just grow a community- you also spur others to join your cause by supporting your values.

Beef-Eater's Bliss

There's nothing that screams "rural style" more than hats declaring that you should eat more farm-to-table meat. 

Some of our hats feature leather patches declaring that people should "eat more beef." The leather look creates a rural feel that other fabrics can't replicate, and the YNOT cattle skull logo adds to its wild aesthetic.

You also might be interested in minimalist rectangular fabric patches that make this statement if you prefer something simple. These patches come in eye-grabbing red and white hues that look awesome with any other ranch gear.

Our "Registered Angus" hats are also a great choice for those who want to show their support for carnivorous lifestyles. These hats are appealing in part because of their interestingly-shaped pentagonal patch and their strong message. However, they're also eye-catching because of the small rendition of a bull that stands out on the patch.

These hats are a great way to catch the interest of those around you, state your message, and start a conversation.

Southern Flair

Are you a proud Southerner who wants everyone to know it? That's awesome! Pick up a hat that says "Southern Cattle Co" and declare your pride in where you come from.

This awesome hat is a textured black hue and features a central patch with this statement on it. It also has the embroidered top of YNOT's cattle-head logo for some added visual appeal. An orange stripe beneath the words adds a pop of color to the design so that it stands out.

Like all of our cattle brand hat options, they also come with a trucker mesh back for maximum comfort. They also come with a plastic snap adjustable and fit most people as a result.

If you want to show off your love for the farms that you grew up near, you also may like image-based patches that showcase scenes of ranch life. We offer "Farm & Ranch Co" hats that showcase a pig eating r cowboys riding alongside their cattle. These hats are an awesome way to say that you're from a Southern (or other) rural farm town and show that you're proud of it.


Shop for the Best Cattle Brand Hats Today

While choosing a stylish hat can be a challenge, you can't go wrong with cattle brand hats. Now that you know some of the best ranch hats that you can rock this summer, it's time to start showing off your rural flair.

YNOT's experts are committed to providing you with the best prices on awesome ranch hats. We also offer tons of apparel and accessories that you can use to create a cohesive Southern aesthetic. Contact us with any remaining questions that you have and to get tips on how to look awesome in 2022 and beyond.

July 13, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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