Wearing a specific lifestyle brand helps you feel connected to a message. Everyone has the particular brands they love for one reason or another. Some people love a message, and some love the quality of specific brands.

What if you could have both? What if you could have a lifestyle brand with a meaningful message and excellent quality? If that sounds interesting, keep reading to learn about the YNOT Lifestyle Brand.

1. A Message That Matters

The YNOT lifestyle brand was born out of the challenges of life. These challenges developed the attitude you see reflected in the brand.

Life Isn't Always Beautiful

Challenges and setbacks happen in everyone's life. Cody Moran, one of the cofounders of YNOT, knows this too well. A truck wreck over ten years ago left him partially paralyzed.

Then a few years later, he battled leukemia. Through it all, he didn't make excuses and still fought to live life over the edge.

Why Not?

This attitude of overcoming gave Cody and fellow owner Shane Luster the idea of creating a clothing identity to reflect this attitude. They wanted to challenge people to live a no-excuses lifestyle.

They wanted a clothing culture to encourage people to get back up and dust themselves off no matter what knocks them down. 

2. Representing the Farm and Ranch Look

The brand heritage of YNOT represents the farm and ranch look. Our rural family farmers are the backbone of our country and have overcome all kinds of obstacles. 

The messaging on all the hats, t-shirts, and more represents support for our farmers and other rural champions. Some of the messages include:

  • Support local farmers (help the community grow)
  • Eat more beef
  • Locally grown
  • Support cattlemen, eat more beef
  • Farm use
  • Southern cattle company
  • Keep'n it rural

These messages come in designs with a rural feel and many great colors and styles. You will have plenty of options to pick your favorites.

3. Great Looks for Men

The selection of hats comes in different styles and colors for you to choose from. They are all classic designs with front panels and a mesh back. The bills have a mix of regular curved bills and flatbills. 

This gives you plenty of options for that perfect hat look you want! The t-shirts for men are substantial 100% ring-spun preshrunk cotton. They have a left chest pocket for carrying stuff.

The shirt has double-needle stitching, so it will stand up to all the work you do daily. It also comes soft-washed for an already broken-in feel.  

4. Amazing Looks for Women

For the women, the hats are all adjustable to ensure they fit perfectly. They also come in many colors, so your hats will match any outfit.

The ladies have the option of adding a more modern-fitting shirt. YNOT has created a unisex lightweight shirt that is a cotton-poly blend. It has a more modern look and looks good wherever you wear it.

The shirts are super soft and are robust, even as lightweight shirts. They come already broken in and look great. One of the most popular features is the way they sit low at the hip. 

5. Quality Lifestyle Brand Gear

Whether running a tractor or going to an auction, you want to be comfortable. YNOT focuses on the feel of its clothes and hats when designing them.

Their 100% cotton and cotton-poly mixed shirts stand up to your most demanding jobs. At the same time, they are double-stitched and breathable, so you stay comfortable. 

The hat logos are either stitched directly onto the hat or have a patch sewn onto the hat. This makes the hat durable and able to stand up to numerous washings without losing color. 

The mesh back of the hats allows the air to cool you off while keeping the sun off your head. 

6. Positive Reviews

 One of the keys to any company is the feedback they get. Do they listen? Is the feedback positive? YNOT reviews stand out for all of their merchandise. 


People who work all day in a hat want a comfortable one. They want a hat that stands up to the hard work but is comfortable. Here are a few of the hat reviews:

  • "Love the look and fit of your caps!! Thank you for being so prompt!!"
  • "Good looking cap, one you can wear every day. Lots of compliments on the way it's made."
  • "Love the quality of materials and excellent fit! I'll keep collecting!"
  • "Please restock this; I can't wait to buy one or two, lol."

These are just a few of the many reviews that have come in for the hats. You won't regret picking up one of these great looks.


T-shirts are one of the most commonly worn articles of clothing. However, everyone is picky about what type of t-shirts they like. Here are a few reviews representing the YNOT t-shirts:

  • "Best t at Tahoe!"
  • "Great quality clothes. Fits perfect, and I will definitely be ordering again! Love it!!"
  • "I'm so in love with this shirt."
  • "Great to work in comfortable and durable."

People get passionate about their t-shirts; these reviews show how many love the YNOT collection!

Choose to Live Over the Edge

Your lifestyle brand should represent your passion for life. YNOT is a brand made for the tough rural men and women of the USA. Their hats and t-shirts look great and stand up to the actual work you do every day.

Our passion at YNOT is creating the best hats and t-shirts to help you look and feel great. Check out our t-shirts to see for yourself how great quality and good looks can go together.


July 21, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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