You work hard so you can play hard and enjoy your life - so why shouldn't your wardrobe reflect that?

You choose to live a ranch lifestyle because you know it brings great rewards and satisfaction. A ranch lifestyle is rich with experiences that remind you of why you live it.

From seeing the fruit of your labors to watching the sun go down over your property, there are so many natural wonders to enjoy. It also means you need to wear clothes that are durable, comfortable, and that you aren't afraid to get a little dirty. 

That doesn't mean your clothes can't still reflect your unique personality and style while still  serving a purpose! Ranch fashion can be all those things and more. 

Read on to learn the 13 things you need to know about ranch lifestyle fashion to take your everyday wardrobe to the next level. 

1. Level up Your T-Shirts

A t-shirt is one of the easiest and most comfortable things to wear on a ranch. It allows you to move freely and is often made with breathable fabric. 

The best news about t-shirts is that they are so versatile you can stylize your outfit any way you want. There are endless styles of t-shirts that will make you feel and look good while you carry out your ranch duties. They even make t-shirts with a tuxedo design on them!

Try a printed graphic t-shirt that says something about your personality. You can even save money by buying bundles of clothing items, like a cute shirt and two matching hats. 

Try different colors that compliment your skin tone. You can choose t-shirts with clever sayings, that showcase your favorite band or have pretty images on the front. 

2. Hats Help Everything

When you're out working in the sun all day it's important to wear clothing that will help hide you from the harsh rays of the sun. 

Protecting yourself from the sun's UV rays should be part of each day you spend working outside. So you're going to need some trusty hats in many colors and designs! 

At YNOT we make some of the best hats for ranch lifestyle that function and look good. Our trucker hat styles come in several designs so there's something for everyone. You can choose a clean-cut look, a retro look, and more.  

Trucker hats, cattle hats, and cowboy hats are some of the best hats for rural lifestyles or ranch life. You can buy several different kinds to match all your work clothes. 

3. Upgrade Your Jacket

During those colder winter months working outside can be a harsh experience. You need to protect yourself from the elements, wind, and weather as much as you can while still being able to move freely.

Your jackets and coats can be functional while still making you look your best. Go for jackets in flattering colors. Try rich earth tones like caramel or a deep shades of brown that will match most of your wardrobe. 

Jackets in shades of brown are some of the best clothes for a ranch lifestyle and even for life after you're done working for the day. It will match most of your wardrobe and also give your outfit a rugged feel that perfectly matches your ranch lifestyle. 

Shades of black, olive, and forest green also work just as well. 

4. Boots Made for Walking and More

Sturdy work boots keep your feet protected from sharp or falling objects, they are an important part of your work gear. 

The good news is that it's easy to make work boots look good! Steel-toed cowboy boots and work boots will look great while you work if you buy a style that is easy to clean and flatters your feet while you work. 

It's important to pick boots that you can get dirty! Pick a durable pair that matches most of your clothes and makes you feel like you're ready to take on the day. 

You can even go for unique and mood-boosting colors of boots. Go crazy and buy a red or yellow pair of cowboy boots to really amp up your clothes for the workday. 

5. Accessories Make an Outfit

When in doubt, accessories are always an easy way to make an outfit pop!

Accessories are not expensive to buy, and when you buy quality products they will last you for a long time, years even. Most accessories look great on both men and women when worn a certain way as well. 

A simple necklace can go a long way. You won't want to wear anything too long or that dangles because it may be a safety hazard. A simple, short chain that remains close to the chest will dress up your outfit without getting in the way. 

For women, a silver necklace with a charm on it is classy but still makes a statement and says something about your personality. For men, a simple leather necklace will add a lot to an outfit. 

A bracelet can also look good, and you can even stack them on your arm and wear multiple. You can make your own bracelets, buy charms for bracelets, or buy a pack to wear together. Silver, gold, and leather will look good on everyone. 

6. Belt Up

Belts make every outfit more fun. They serve a purpose and you can buy almost any kind of belt to play up your personal style without it interfering with your work duties. 

Everyone should have a few belts to choose from when it comes to getting dressed for work. Since you know your clothes will likely get dirty during your workday, it's a good idea to have a few belts designated just for work. 

Leather belts are always in style. Even a plain leather belt will make your outfit pop so invest in buying that along with a few different leather styles. Try a plain belt, a braided belt, and a belt with a fun buckle on the front. 

7. The Hairstyle Difference

With all the hard work you do all day to keep your ranch running, the last thing you ever want to worry about is what your hair is doing.

You want your hair to look good, but you also don't want it in your face while you're trying to work! 

For long hair, a ponytail doesn't have to be a boring go-to. You can buy fun rubber bands, scrunchies, or hair ties. These days you can find hair ties in every color and pattern imaginable. You can even find decorative ties with bows and other fun accessories. 

You can also try wearing your hair in a higher ponytail than usual if you're not going to wear a hat for the day. to switch it up, you can also try a braid, pigtails, or even braided pigtails. 

For short hair that won't be under a hat, styling gel can go a long way in making sure your hair holds its shape and stays put while you work. Invest in a quality gel that is sure to last through a whole day at work. 

You can also opt for haircuts that will give your hair shape and style without you having to try too hard. Bangs are a good option for those looking to effortlessly amp up their hairstyle. 

8. No Blue Jean Blues

Blue jeans are a tried and true staple of ranch lifestyle clothing. That's because they are as reliable and loyal as an item of clothing can get. 

Jeans are a necessity for you and your work. Thankfully jeans come in every color and style imaginable now. Just because you're wearing jeans doesn't mean you have to stick to what's expected! 

Buy a daring pair of purple jeans, buy jeans with a flared leg, buy jeans with fun patches or rhinestones on them.

You can choose to buy jeans that you feel your best in and flatter your figure. Buy jeans in every color of the rainbow and you'll never get bored of your clothes.

With jeans the possibilities are endless! 

9. Plaid Is Never Bad

Where there's a ranch there's often plaid nearby. For good reason!

Plaid has grown wildly popular over the last few years, whether or not you're anywhere near a ranch. 

People love plaid because it's associated with lumberjacks, staying cozy on cold nights, strength, and comfort. They complete your rugged look while making you look great. 

Plaid also comes in every color combination imaginable, so no matter what colors you're looking for there is a plaid pattern out there for you. 

Investing in several sturdy plaid shirts will always be a good choice. Buy colors that flatter you and try colors that you're curious about. You can even find plaids with decorative rhinestones or special lining to keep you extra warm. 

10. Stay Shaded 

Another perfect way to help protect you from the sun is to buy some sunglasses. 

Sunglasses are another perfect way to show off your personal style without it interfering with your work duties. For ultra sun protection buy a pair with polarized lenses. 

Everyone should have a classic pair of black sunglasses with frames that complement their face shape. Aside from that, you should feel free to buy whatever shape and color your heart desires! 

Grab a retro pair of white or red sunglasses with lenses in fun shapes, like hearts or flames. Experiment with different styles like cat eyes, aviators, or butterfly. you can't go wrong as long as you feel good and they shield your eyes. 

The best news? You can wear these on or off the ranch! 

11. Helpful Bags and Purses

While it doesn't always make sense to wear a bag while you work, it doesn't hurt to make sure you have a sleek, stylish one when you do use it. 

You can never go wrong with black and brown leather bags. You can choose a style that suits your needs best, like a crossover one or even a fanny pack style that will hold smaller items you need. 

A messenger bag will be useful if you need to carry any kind of paperwork, small tools, your phone, sunglasses, hand wipes, or anything else you may need while you're out working on your ranch. 

Then, when you're done with your workday, you can use the same bag to go out for the evening and you'll know you look great!

12. Grab a Bandana 

A bandana is the ultimate ranch life accessory and one you're sure to use. Whether it's to add a layer of fashion to your outfit or to use while you're out working, everyone on a ranch should have a good bandana handy. 

The best quality about a bandana is that you wear it so many different ways. You can wear it the old-fashioned way and tie it around your neck, letting the fabric hang across your chest. You can also use it to hold back your hair or tie it around your head. 

You can also try a more modern style and fold it into a neat neckerchief. It will create a vintage, boho look and you can still untie it to use it whenever you need it. 

13. After Work Clothes

One more nice thing about the ranch lifestyle is being able to leave the ranch for a day or night and enjoy the rest of the world. 

You're going to need clothes for that! Luckily, when you consciously pick your ranch clothes to be as fashionable as they are useful, you can wear them off the ranch as well. But it never hurts to have special clothes meant only for wearing when you're having fun. 

Invest in special items of clothes that aren't for working on the ranch. It will bring an even greater appreciation for both sides of your wardrobe. 

Expand Your Ranch Lifestyle Closet

Now that you know how to take your ranch lifestyle wardrobe to the next level, it's time to expand that wardrobe. 

Check out our new arrivals at YNOT and find your next stylish trucker hat or graphic t-shirt to add to your closet today. The best clothes for ranch lifestyle is just one click away. 

January 03, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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