If you're looking for something both stylish and functional, a trucker hat is the way to go. Trucker hats provide shade when you're working in the hot sun and keep the top of your head warm when it's cool. Plus, there are innumerable ways to style a trucker hat, regardless of your personal style.

But what is a trucker hat, and how can you wear it? Continue reading to learn different ways to wear a trucker hat and complete style ideas for any occasion.

What Is a Trucker Hat?

Trucker hats are also sometimes called netback hats or mesh caps. They're considered to be part of the same family as baseball caps. Although trucker hats and baseball caps look very similar, there are a few distinct differences.

The primary difference between the two is the back. Trucker hats have a mesh backing that usually encompasses the entire back half of the cap. Sometimes, this meshing will only encompass the last third or quarter of the hat, but this is less common.

Trucker hats were originally a practical form of headwear for truckers and farmers. In addition, trucker hats were sometimes used as cattle hats because they were more affordable and accessible than traditional cowboy hats.

Trucker hats were also an inexpensive advertising method for agricultural and feed stores. They quickly became integrated into the farm and ranch lifestyle before becoming mainstream fashion icons in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Complete Style Options for Wearing Trucker Hats

Although trucker hats can go well with any outfit, a few tried-and-true complete style options are available. Some of the most popular trucker hat styles are discussed in-depth below.

The Lowkey Casual

The lowkey casual look is perfect for nearly any casual occasion. For example, you may want to style a lowkey casual look for family reunions, hanging out with friends, or even just a shopping trip.

For a lowkey casual look, start with a forward-facing trucker hat in a dark color. Black, dark gray, and navy blue are good choices. Look for a plain hat or one with a minimal logo or design on the front.

Pair your dark-colored hat with a casual and soft tee-shirt and a long-sleeved hoodie. Layer a denim vest over the hoodie and pair it with sweat pants, leggings, or jeans.

This look calls for a primarily dark-colored theme. However, using a light-colored denim jacket and jeans is appropriate and can even break up the monotony of this look. Additionally, you may consider a white or light gray shirt as a centerpiece for your otherwise darker look.

Men can consider accenting this look with a silver or gold chain. Silver, gold, or diamond stud earrings work well for men who have their ears pierced.

Women can also consider wearing chains and stud earrings but may want hoops for their ears instead. If you have multiple piercings in either ear, use a small to medium-sized hoop in the bottom hole and small studs for higher piercings.

Every trucker hat style pairs well with a clean-faced, no-makeup look. However, if you'd like to wear makeup, a gray or black smoky eye and natural-colored lip work well.

The Monochromatic

The monochromatic look is a clean look that's generally casual but can easily be dressed up to look semi-formal. Wear it on a night out or an informal business meeting (if hats are allowed).

The key characteristic of the monochromatic look is that all pieces of your outfit will be in the same color. Generally, these colors are muted instead of bright or flashy. A few color ideas for your monochromatic style include gray, black, navy blue, dark green, and brown.

Style a plain trucker hat with a basic but well-fitting tee shirt, dark jeans, and sneakers. Add a button-up shirt over the tee to make this look more formal. Choose either silver or gold for all jewelry and avoid mixing or matching colors.

If you'd like to wear makeup with this look, aim for the same color as the rest of your outfit. The exception might be black eyeliner and a nude lip, but you can feel free to get creative. For example, you could pair a black lip with an otherwise black monochromatic style for something matching but bold.

The Country Prep

The country prep look is perfect for those days you want to look good while working. It can also be used for nights out at the bar, bonfires, or going horseback riding.

Start with your favorite trucker hat. This look doesn't require a plain hat like the two options above. Instead, you can use a colored cap, one with a logo, or even a trucker hat supporting your favorite sport's team.

Women with long hair should wear a ponytail and pull it through the back of the trucker hat. Optionally, you can leave a few strands of hair loose at the front to frame your fame beneath the cap.

Pair this with a sturdy, well-fitting pair of work jeans, work boots, and a sleeveless tank or tight shirt. If the weather is cooler, you can wear either a Carhart jacket, single-color zip-up hoodie, or a denim jacket with this look.

If you choose to wear a denim jacket, make sure it's opposite the color of your jeans. For example, if your jeans are light blue, choose a dark blue jacket.

This look is best with no jewelry unless it's something you wear every day (like a favorite necklace or wedding ring). Likewise, the country prep looks best with a fresh face or natural makeup.

Playing It Cool

You can wear the playing it cool look anywhere and everywhere that casual wear is appropriate. It's an easy look for those who don't have much time to get dressed for their day but still want to look nice.

Wear your favorite truck hat backward, with the wide brim facing the back. If you have bangs, you can let them poke through the hole or allow them to hang down on your face. Hair can be worn loose in the back, in a low-hanging ponytail, or a thick braid.

Pair your hat with a slightly baggy shirt, comfy sneakers, and either sweats or leggings. Feel free to experiment with different color schemes to make this look your own.

For accessories, stick to the basics. For example, you may choose a thin necklace or chain and small hoop or stud earrings. A single bracelet and ring also compliment this look well.

If you've got time for makeup, choose a more natural look. Nude or light pink lips with a slight sun-kissed face and neutral eye are ideal. However, feel free to switch things up and experiment with a bold eye and otherwise natural face.

The Sporty Casual

Wear the sporty casual look when attending a sporting event or playing sports yourself. This is the perfect look for an old-fashioned baseball game with friends or watching the Sunday football game at home.

Start with a trucker hat representing your favorite sport's team. If you don't have one, choose one with your favorite sport's teams colors.

Pair your trucker hat with a well-fitting tee or tank, athletic bottoms, and comfortable sneakers. Feel free to use clothing representing your favorite sports team with a logo or the appropriate colors. Pair this look with a zip-up or pull-over hoodie if the weather is cooler.

Accessories and makeup should be kept simple. However, you can feel free to pair this look with face paint if you're representing your favorite team. Face paint is an easy way to take your support for your team one step further.


A punk rock look never goes out of style, and it can help you get use out of older trucker hats that have become slightly torn or faded. Older or more used clothing items add a little extra grunge to any punk look.

Pair a forward-facing trucker hat of your choice with your favorite band shirt. Then, add torn jeans and leather boots. In colder weather, you can wear a leather or denim jacket of your choosing.

The punk rock look goes best with bold jewelry. You can wear spikes, studs, hoops, or dangling earrings with a collar or accent necklace. Add a chain on your jeans and a black spiked wristband to pull the look together.

Men and women can wear bold black eyeliner with this look. A smoky eye and bold lips on an otherwise pale face finish out the perfect makeup for this look.

The Incognito

The incognito style is perfect for those hot workdays or outdoor adventures. It's not only stylish but provides an adequate amount of sun protection for your face and eyes.

Pair your trucker hat with a pair of dark sunglasses and a sleeveless tank or well-fitting tee shirt. Then, add a light zip-up hoodie, comfortable jeans, and a pair of work boots or comfortable sneakers.

This style pairs best with a fresh face or light makeup. If you'd like to accessorize, keep it simple. Choose a simple necklace and earrings with an optional neck garter for additional sun protection.

Different Ways To Wear a Trucker Hat

There are many different ways to wear a trucker hat beyond simply sitting it on your head. The two primary methods of wear are forward-facing and backward-facing. The various ways you can switch up these methods are discussed in-depth below.

Forward-Facing Wear

Forward-facing is the most traditional way to wear a trucker hat. This is when the hat's brim is facing forward, as it's designed to be. In this wear position, a trucker hat provides shade for your eyes and the top part of your face.

You can switch up forward-facing wear by utilizing different hairstyles. A few ideas include:

  • Low-hanging ponytail
  • High ponytail pulled through the hat's back opening
  • Loose/natural
  • Low-hanging pigtails
  • One thick braid down the back
  • One thick braid to the side
  • Braided pigtails to either side of the head
  • Low bun
  • High bun pulled through the hat's back opening

Backward-Facing Wear

Wearing a trucker hat backward-facing is considered a more casual look that may not be appropriate in formal situations. A trucker hat worn backward may not protect the face, but it does help protect the neck. Like forward-facing wear, the way your hair is worn makes different statements.

Many ways you can style your hair for a backward-facing trucker hat are the same as forward-facing. However, there are a few differences and variations. A few ways to wear your hair with a backward-facing trucker hat include:

  • Low-hanging ponytail pulled slightly to the side
  • Loose/natural
  • Low-hanging pigtails
  • One thick braid to the side
  • Braided pigtails to either side of the head
  • Bangs pulled through the opening of the hat (especially popular for men)
  • Longer hair tucked up inside the hat

More Questions on Wearing a Trucker Hat?

Although they had humble beginnings, trucker hats have been a part of mainstream fashion for quite some time. There are many different ways to incorporate a trucker hat into your wardrobe. Although the different styles and wear options above are the most popular, you can feel free to get creative with it.

Are you looking for more information on wearing a trucker hat? Or would you like to find a new hat (or two) to accent your wardrobe?

Check out our current stock of trucker hats online. You can also check out our other informative blog posts for more information.

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