Are you looking for awesome hats to rock while you're out on the farm this fall? Do you want to find something that's aesthetically pleasing, but will keep those sharp looks over time? If so, then you need to learn all you can about finding cool farm hats. 

When most people think of farm hats, their mind instantly goes to a cowboy hat or a straw hat. Even if those are your go-to options, it's nice to mix things up with a good-looking trucker-style hat as well.

See below for an in-depth guide highlighting several awesome hats for farmers that you should invest in right away.

1. County Line Hat

There's nothing better than sunrise and sunset on a farm. With nothing but a beautiful array of colors in front of you, it's easy to appreciate the beautiful landscape that many others never take the time to admire.

Isn't that what being a farmer and rancher is all about, isn't it? Putting in the work and living the lifestyle that few others in this life get to experience. Dedicating your life to providing crops and livestock for your community to enjoy, no matter how niche or widespread that community might be? 

That was the inspiration behind our county line hat. This heather grey and black hat features an awesome patch that shows off a colorful skyline behind a ranching landscape. Our YNOT logo is featured prominently in the center, with the words "Farm and Ranch Co." below it. 

Its trucker-style body will help keep your head cool, yet protected from those harmful UV rays. It's an adjustable hat with plastic snaps so that you can find your preferred fit. It's one size fits most, so it's perfect for men or women to wear!

The heather grey body will also make it easier for you to match it with your outfits if you're wanting to wear it with your lifestyle clothing as well.


Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. There are many people out there that prefer to associate with brands that keep things simple and dignified, just look at how popular YETI tumblers have become; people wear that YETI logo everywhere!

We used that same principle when designing our FARM Emblem hat. As the name of the hat would imply, this hat features an embroidered patch with the word "FARM" prominently displayed in all caps. 

Just below that are the words "No farmers, no food", which recognizes the importance that farmers and ranchers play in our society today. It's one of the best hats for farmers to wear while they're out towing the fields or meeting with clients in their barn. You're sure to get plenty of compliments.

You take pride in your work. You take pride in the fact that, without you and your family, your community wouldn't have as many resources as it does. This hat perfectly encapsulates the pride that you have in your work, as well as the pride that your community has in you and your "FARM". 

3. Eat More Beef

Such a powerful message, isn't it? The message for people to eat more beef needs to be spread all-around in your community. 

As any businessman or businesswoman will tell you, the best billboard you could ever invest in is yourself. In other words, investing in clothing with direct messages can turn you into a walking, talking billboard.

That was the thought behind our Beefmaster Flatbill hat. This hat has a blue front and bill with white trucker mesh. Then, on the front, is an embroidered patch that reads "Eat More Beef" in Red, white, and yellow.

This awesome hat reiterates a message that your entire community needs to hear. With so many people focusing on eating organic vegetables, you need to show them the importance of investing in local, organic meat as well.

Who knows? You wearing that hat around may lead to a conversation with someone that's looking to team up with local ranchers for their farm-to-table restaurant. Crazier things have happened!

4. Ranchin' to Feed the World

Unlike so many people in the world, your full-time job has a direct effect on the world. You don't work for a corporate entity that's out for personal gain; you're out to make a difference.

That's why so many of our customers are loving our Old Bull hat. It's got a black front and bill, with a white mesh backing. 

On the front is a red embroidered patch that reads "Ranchin' to feed the world". It's a beautiful reminder for your community members to support local ranchers.

5. Support Local Farmers

We've harped on this message throughout this entire article, but we're here to help support local farmers and ranchers.

That's why we made our Hi-Yield hat, which reads the words "Support Local Farmers" in prominent brown lettering. It also features the slogan "It helps the community grow", just to drive the point home!

This hat has a moss green front and a bill with white mesh backing. It has a timeless rancher aesthetic and will match perfectly with almost any outfit you're working in or hanging out with friends in.

Invest in These Awesome Farm Hats Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth list of fun and awesome farm hats to add to your collection, be sure to invest in the ones that mean the most to you.

Take the time to read more about our YNOT Lifestyle Brand and how we turned a tragic, yet, inspiring story into the background behind our brand. For more inquiries that you may have, be sure to email us at and we will be happy to assist you further.
October 12, 2021 — moe farhat
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