Since starting our hat company in 2015, YNOT Lifestyle Brand has significantly grown and served over 80,000 customers. We are blessed to have this amazing opportunity to provide high-quality, well-designed products to everyday people in celebration and support of our local ranch and cattle industries. Your support means a whole lot more to us than you know, and here, we’re hoping to give you a little more insight as to why by sharing more of our story. Join us as we take a look back at our history, the hats and products you enjoy and love, as well as why we continue to do what we do.

About Our Hat Company

What Is YNOT Lifestyle Brand?

YNOT Lifestyle Brand is an apparel and hat company that features designs inspired by local farming, ranch, and cattle communities. We’re not just any other trendy hat company; we’re here on a mission to inspire more everyday people to “live life on the edge” in pursuit of a fun and meaningful existence. As ranchers by heart and profession, we push ourselves out of our comfort zones each and every day to help support our local economy while we do what we love the most: be outdoors. With this, our hat products were not only designed with aesthetics in mind but they are made to provide comfort and protection for men and women everywhere who spend a lot of their time working outdoors or seeking out new adventures.

How We Started

Prior to its founding in 2015 by Fort Myers, FL locals and best friends Shane Luster and Cody Moran, hat company YNOT Lifestyle Brand happened after a series of events that inspired the brand’s message to live life over the edge.

On November 9, 2011, a traumatic accident happened to Shane and Cody on the road. They both survived, but Cody was paralyzed. A car had pulled out in front of them and T-boned them, causing their vehicle to flip end over end. Cody was launched 75 feet out of the driver’s window and into a ditch. He was then airlifted to the hospital for immediate surgery and was in the ICU for about a month.

After recovering in the ICU, Cody was flown to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA, where he went through several months of therapy in their Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program. Pretty soon, he had regained enough function to operate a wheelchair, and his life had more or less started returning to normal. Shortly after that, he was even able to drive again and enjoy plenty of the activities that he used to love. 

However, just around two years after the accident, life happened again. On January 28, 2014, Cody was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). After enduring six months of chemotherapy, he was found to be in remission and still remains so to this day.

Cody says that he does not want people to feel bad or feel sorry for him. Rather, he wants to use his story to inspire others to overcome their own struggles. Today, Cody continues to work with his partner and co-founder Shane to get the message out about YNOT Lifestyle Brand as much as possible.

Live Life Over the Edge—Why Not?

Here at our hat company, we like to use the phrase "Live life over the

edge—tomorrow is never promised” in reference to embracing opportunities and putting oneself out there in quest of new experiences. Over-the-edge living entails plunging headfirst into the unknown, welcoming challenges, and making essential changes outside of one's routine. It's an invitation to stretch your limits and discover something new in pursuit of growth and happiness; it's about living a life well-lived.

YNOT Lifestyle Brand was mainly inspired by Cody’s determination and grit to continue living and enjoying life despite his obstacles. The events that transpired became a wake-up call to start the hat company brand. According to Shane, “Just because you’re in a bad situation doesn’t mean you can’t come out of it and still do things that you would never think [were] possible. That’s why we started the company. Why not? Even though Cody got paralyzed, we still went [into the business] wide-open. And if he can do it, why can't everybody else?”

American hat company YNOT Lifestyle Brand still exists as an emblem to encourage everyday men and women to step outside of their comfort zone and do inspiring things they normally wouldn’t do on a day-to-day basis. According to Cody, “We were in a place in time where you experience how short life is and how quickly it can be taken from you. And luckily, we were blessed enough to have a positive outcome and open a few more opportunities in life.”

Today, YNOT Lifestyle Brand continues to produce new and exciting hats for everyday wear while supporting the local farm and ranch communities.

About Our Hats

High-Quality Patches 

With our design patches that stand out among the rest, our hats have quickly become a top choice among customers all across the country. Our premium patches are manually stitched onto each hat here in the United States to guarantee their longevity. 

Premium Materials

Our hats are made with the best cotton and polyester twill fabrics that are made to feel smooth and comfortable as well as last durably for many years. With functional features like an adjustable plastic snap and special finishing touches like a hand-sewn embroidered path, our hats always have that premium appeal that makes our customers proud to wear them anywhere.

Affordable Products

At YNOT Lifestyle Brand, we value keeping our products at competitive prices for people to enjoy without sacrificing design, quality, and workmanship. Our hats make excellent additions to your everyday wardrobe or even as gifts for your loved ones on special occasions and holidays. 

Design Variety

As a hat company inspired by farmers and ranchers, many of our designs feature nods to these two important industries (“Support Local” and “Eat More Beef,” to name a few). However, we are not limited to these styles only! YNOT Lifestyle Brand has a hat for everyone, with graphic patches and colors to suit whatever your mood or personality may be.

Featured Products

Summer ‘23 Collection

Explore the freshest designs to hit YNOT Lifestyle Brand’s shop this summer! Our Summer ‘23 Collection features all-new hat designs and color schemes to guarantee your best style season yet.

Our hat company is proud to continually produce new and exciting hat designs and styles to keep our customers engaged. For avid hat enthusiasts always looking for new additions to their collection, our New Arrivals page is worth saving to your bookmarks! We update this page constantly, and it’s worth checking out from time to time to see what new colors and graphics you can pair with your daily wear.


YNOT Lifestyle Brand produces some of the best-selling, locally-made hats. Our Best-Sellers page features some of the most popular and well-loved designs by many of our customers. Occasionally, certain designs will sell out due to demand, but our hat company does its very best to keep our inventory well-stocked. If you’ve been after a particular design that you do not see on our website anymore, please reach out to us to receive updates about future re-stocks.

Flat Bill Hats

When it comes to trendy streetwear, nothing beats a flat bill hat. The high profile front and the flattened brim of this hat distinguish it from other types of headwear. Our flat bill hats tend to be most popular among teens and young adults that like to express a casual, effortless style. With its structural design and a prominent brim that holds its shape well, our flat bill hats are easily among our best-selling products.

Curved Bill Hats

Curved bill hats feature the classic cap design with a contoured brim. They are excellent for protecting your eyes against the sun’s harsh rays during a long day of fun or work outdoors. Our curved bill hats feature one of our signature embroidered patches, durable cotton and poly-twill front panels, a trucker mesh back, and an adjustable strap that allows this hat to fit anyone in your family!

“Eat More Beef”

Our hat company was made by ranchers for ranchers and ranch lifestyle supporters everywhere! As an ode to cattlemen and ranchers everywhere, YNOT Lifestyle Brand is proud to feature a collection of designs that show support for the ranching and cattle industry. No matter your preference, they come in several flat bill and curved bill designs and colors to suit your every mood and function. For people you love that keep the country lifestyle close to heart, these hats make excellent gifts for birthdays, holidays, or "just because."

“Support Local”

What kind of hat company would we be if we also didn’t support our local farmers? Our “Support Local” collection of embroidered hats pay tribute to the hardworking men and women that grow our food and provide for many of the necessities of our everyday life. All of our products are made to be consistently durable, with the same protective and breathable qualities all across the board. This hat is perfect for showing your love of local food-growing communities as well as to keep you feeling cool on sunny days out on the farm.


Aside from our headwear, we also sell shirts for both men and women that want a little more ranch-inspired style every day! Our unisex shirts are lightweight, breathable, and designed with a modern fit in mind. Made from Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton and with a graphic inspired by classic vintage signage, our shirts provide a comfortable, go-to alternative to wear about the barnyard or as a finishing touch to your rodeo arena outfit. You'll immediately notice how soft our shirts are as soon as you put them on. 


Our decals come in fun and cool designs that you can stick to your cooler, truck, laptop, or anywhere else you want to show off some local pride! Our vinyl stickers are weather-resistant and printed with the highest quality in mind. They withstand heavy use and moisture fairly well without losing their shape or detail. Stay tuned to this page for more options as we update it with more designs!

Farm & Ranch Wear

Ranch work is serious business, which is why our hat company has created a line of farm and ranch hats that match the sturdiness, functionality, and adaptability of the cattle ranchers who wear them. Here at YNOT Lifestyle Brand, we are pleased to be able to provide farmers and ranchers with goods that are produced from high-quality materials and designed to meet their daily needs. Our hat company's products are built to withstand the rigors of farm or ranch life while yet offering comfort for daily leisure activities.

We offer a wide selection of hats, each made with care from premium materials for a secure, comfortable fit. Browse our collection today to enjoy our original embroidered designs that show solidarity with ranchers and farmers everywhere.

A Life Worth Living: Preserving Farm & Ranch Culture

Ranch and farm life epitomize our hat company’s concept of living life over the edge. Working on a ranch or farm teaches you the virtues of independence, hard work, determination, courage, and commitment, all of which are essential for living a full and meaningful life. Although many things have changed in the years that have passed, ranch and farm life is still an exciting and novel way of life in the modern world. At YNOT Lifestyle Brand, we recognize those who choose ranch and farm life to embark on a rewarding adventure rich with chances to develop personally and professionally while also making significant contributions to environmental protection, regional economies, and rural communities.

Our hat company is all about spreading the good vibes of farm and ranch life by providing genuine, premium-quality products to our community. Because of the positive effects ranching or farming has on the environment, the economy, and rural communities, we think it's important for the public to regard agricultural livelihoods in a positive light. As such, our goal is to help people of all stripes enjoy their life while also encouraging them to embrace an earth-centered way of living.

As ranch locals ourselves, our hat company appreciates the difficulties ranchers and farmers confront day-to-day and is committed to finding clothing and gear solutions that are both functional and visually appealing. Our products are made to be as practical as they are fashionable, enabling farm and ranch workers to comfortably go about their busy day without losing their sense of style.

At our hat company, what we believe is simple: ranch and farm life is worth honoring and preserving for the next generations. If you care about seeing the farming and ranching industries thrive well into the future, we encourage you to join us in advocating for this way of life.

A Brief History of Ranching

The American ranching sector has a long and illustrious history, dating back to the 1600s when the first English colonists landed in the New World. These early settlers transported cattle from England and built up ranches throughout the southern colonies. When it got to the 1800s, ranchers had started to push westward into what you may know as the Cowboy States: Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. The western expansion of these early ranchers was fueled by a variety of circumstances, including severe weather and economic challenges, but it eventually laid the groundwork for a thriving sector that continues to prosper today.

Ranching has had its ups and downs throughout the years, but it is still an important aspect of American life and culture. Now, there are over 2 million cattle ranches in the United States, many of which are family-owned businesses run by industrious people who are passionate about what they do. Whether working directly with cattle or in other areas of production like breeding and feed production, the amazing men and women who work on farms and ranches are critical to the survival of America's most valued industries.

Understanding the Ranch Lifestyle

The word "ranch lifestyle" refers to an outdoor-oriented, rural way of life. It combines ranching traditions from previous generations with contemporary comforts and amenities. 

Traditional ranch labor, which may include caring for animals, operating farming equipment, and maintaining land, is an integral part of this kind of way of life, and it can be both rewarding and difficult. It also requires self-sufficiency, from learning how to adapt to nature's changing seasons to sometimes going without basic essentials such as water and food. As such, it's important that ranchers are often motivated by a love of nature, animals, and the great outdoors—an ideal that our hat company strives to uphold within our community.

Ranchers like being a part of something bigger than themselves. Living on a ranch is fundamentally about striking a balance between your personal needs and the needs of those in your care. Because of the work that it takes to keep this balance, ranchers often gain a new respect for nature, its complexity, and the work it takes to deal with it in a responsible way.

Ranch life offers people a unique chance to immerse themselves in nature while creating something entirely their own. As you go about doing your daily ranch chores, you get a better understanding of the world around you. What's more, ranching activities contribute greatly to the production of food and other agricultural goods in many regions of the country, making the ranch lifestyle a major component of our culture and economy. 

The Importance of the Ranching Way of Life

Land Conservation

Many invasive species can endanger native plant and animal populations, and ranchers may help reduce the damage caused through many of their hunting and grazing efforts. When cattle grazing is done correctly, it helps the environment and provides a number of advantages. Grazing helps grasslands stay in good shape, which in turn protects the land and keeps animal populations stable. Grazing fields also store carbon in their grasses and soils. Ultimately, when ranches are set up and maintained properly, they can help protect wildlife, store carbon, help purify air and water, and conserve soils.

Preserving Self-Sufficient Traditions

People who make the ranch their home tend to develop a strong sense of independence. Residents at a ranch gain practical skills in areas such as ranch upkeep, landscaping, and animal care. In addition, they learn important skills like problem-solving and adaptability while living on the ranch. People who choose to live this way are also likely to learn to rely more on their own ingenuity and resourcefulness than they would otherwise.

Fresh Resources

Communities that are near ranches have access to an abundance of healthy, locally sourced food. Sustainable farming practices allow for the production of a wide range of goods, from eggs to milk, that may be enjoyed by the community at large. Buying from nearby farms and ranches also allows families to get high-quality food without paying inflated prices.


Buying from local sources serves two environmental purposes. First, most local farmers don't use dangerous chemicals like pesticides that can be harmful to the earth, animals, and people. Toxins won't be sprayed on the food you're eating before it gets to the table. Second, we can help reduce emissions and make it better for our economy when people purchase food that doesn't have to be imported into the country. The next time you buy from local companies, you're not just helping yourself, but also helping our country.

A Brand for Farmers & Ranchers

Farmers and ranchers almost never go a single day without a hat. However, hats have evolved from just being practical articles of clothing to also becoming an integral part of modern culture as iconic symbols of one's lifestyle. In recent times, many people have preferred to make their hats even more special by adding patches or embroidery, often depicting motifs relating to their hometown or favorite sports team. With this in mind, our hat company was inspired to combine practicality and fashion in creating embroidered hat designs that allow people to celebrate farmers and ranchers in their own way. By marrying timeless design with functional capabilities, a YNOT Lifestyle Brand hat is a timeless investment for any outdoor pursuit.

Even for individuals who don't spend their days on a farm or ranch, the design and feel of our hat company's products evoke this amazing lifestyle. The effort and commitment involved in maintaining this way of life inspire admiration and support, especially among those who may never have a chance to participate in it themselves. Our hat company wants to make a little piece of this lifestyle available for anyone who wants to be a part of it. 

Our hats, with their motifs inspired by farm and ranch life, are based on classic designs, manufactured from high-quality materials, and meant to last for years without looking outdated. Our hats are available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors that all men, women, and children can enjoy, thanks to their adjustable features.

To keep you comfortable and cool even on the warmest days, YNOT Lifestyle Brand's hats are crafted from a cotton-polyester twill blend that provides a snug, comfy fit and great ventilation. As an added bonus, our designs feature a breathable mesh lining that keeps you dry and comfortable all day. Our hat company strives to produce a wide variety of traditional and modern embroidery designs to suit any personal style and preference.

Our Service

Staying True to the American Dream

Our hat company believes in the concept that everyone, regardless of where they were born or what social class they were born into, may achieve their own version of success in a society in which social mobility is available for everyone. YNOT Lifestyle Brand constantly seeks to inspire more agricultural and rodeo families to seek out new opportunities and be proud of their lifestyle. By sharing our movement of ranch-inspired everyday wear, we hope to bring more awareness to this important community in our country.

Farmers and ranchers are the lifeblood of America, toiling from dawn to dusk to care for land and cattle while feeding the nation and the globe. In the United States, family farms are still crucial to the agricultural industry. Family farms account for 99 percent of America's 2.1 million farms and 89 percent of the country's agricultural output.

Because these industries are so near and dear to our hearts, our brand is more than just another hat company wanting to be on-trend; we’re patriots on a mission to inspire passion and pride for one’s own country, people, and natural resources.

Supporting the Local Community

Our hat company supports events that inspire a love for the ranch lifestyle, including rodeo sports. A few years back, YNOT Lifestyle Brand established a national rodeo team called "YNOT Elite," composed of 33 rodeo athletes hailing from all throughout the United States and Canada. Athletes who were interested in joining the team were asked to submit an application online at the end of each year and demonstrate that they were good people both inside and outside of the arena.

Charity events and concerts are also among some of the important causes YNOT Lifestyle Brand supports and organizes, including a Christmas Charity Celebration once that featured artists such as Luke Combs and Faren Rachels.

At our hat company, we believe there is space for everyone to succeed. YNOT Lifestyle Brand intends to form partnerships and engage in cross-promotion with other businesses that cater to the country-western way of life as part of our overall strategy to expand our operations in a variety of ways. Doing this also allows us to support other great local brands and American small businesses.

With personal resilience at the center of our story, YNOT Lifestyle Brand continues to support local causes, charities, and initiatives that help boost our community. By doing so, we hope to impact more lives as we carry out our mission of keeping one's head up in the face of adversity.

Over 80,000 Happy Customers Served

On behalf of our entire team at YNOT Lifestyle Brand, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our customers, supporters, and advocates over the years. Because of your support, we have been able to grow our small business and continue to provide opportunities for our local community.

Since opening our business in 2015, YNOT Lifestyle Brand has served over 80,000 happy customers around the United States and the world. We’re happy to continue growing this number as we work to expand our message to more and more people.

By showing off your ranch and farm pride with YNOT Lifestyle Brand hats and apparel, you are playing a huge and special role in our mission of bringing more light to the farm and ranch family industries in our country. We would not be here today without your continued patronage and business. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being part of the YNOT Lifestyle Brand family.

Browse Our Collections Today

YNOT Lifestyle Brand is your hat company for living life to the fullest, whether at work or at play. We are proud to present you with exciting hat collections that inspire the inner cowboy or cowgirl in you or someone you love. Browse and shop our hats today by visiting our website, and take 20% off your first order by signing up for emails and texts from us. 

We also often update our Sale page, so be sure to check back for new discounts soon. For your convenience and pleasure, we provide a 30-day return policy and free delivery on purchases over $125 inside the continental United States. If you’d like to speak to one of our team members personally, please don’t hesitate to reach out by filling out our contact form online. Thank you for your invaluable and continued support. We look forward to bringing you more exciting products made for a life worth living!

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