When you think of American hats, what comes to mind? You probably think of a cowboy, baseball, or tucker hat. YNOT Lifestyle is here to tell you about the iconic mens southern hats. If you're used to being on the road or farm for long periods of time, then you probably have one or two that you regularly wear. But do they represent you and what you stand for as a whole? Regardless of why you wear a hat, if you're looking for something comfortable to wear when you're out and about, look no further than YNOT Lifestyle.

What Is a Mens Southern Hat?

The hats at YNOT Lifestyle are more than just hats. They represent American values. A mens southern hat looks a lot like a trucker hat. This style became a thing in the 60s when truck drivers were given promotional hats to wear while they crossed the country to deliver their goods.

A mens southern hat at YNOT Lifestyle has a foam front, with a logo or image usually on the front. The bill of the hat is curved but not as curved as a baseball hat would be. The back of the hat is the thing that is the most different from other hats. It's a mesh backing with an adjustable clip that helps you adjust the size of the hat by snapping it into place. On the inside of the hat is a sweatband that will absorb any liquid to keep it from going into your eyes.

What Makes Mens Southern Hats Special?

A trucker hat is an easy way to stand out. If you're in the middle of a crowd, with friends, or just running errands, mens southern hats help you stay unique against all the other people surrounding you. With tons of different colors, patterns, and designs available, you can easily express your personality while also staying comfortable and fashionable.

Another advantage of the mens southern hat is that it's versatile. Unlike other hats that can only be worn with certain outfits, like a cowboy hat with western or riding clothes or a bucket hat that's worn with hunting gear, mens southern hats can be worn with any outfit at any time of day.

Reasons to Wear Mens Southern Hats

There are many different benefits to wearing hats. We mentioned some above, but we'll go into more detail about these benefits and discuss some new benefits to wearing mens southern hats. Keep reading to learn more.

Protection From the Sun

As you probably already know, the sun is dangerous for your skin. By wearing a hat, it can protect your head and face from the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays. Harmful UV rays can damage your skin and eyes. Without proper protection, UV rays can cause premature aging, skin cancer, damage to the eyes, such as cataracts, and immune system suppression.

There are many different types of skin cancer, but the one most concerning is melanoma. It's the most serious and the most common. It makes up 75% of skin cancer deaths. Premature aging of the skin can make your skin look wrinkly, leathery, and thicken your skin. These side effects don't show until you're much older and are often seen as a sign of growing older, but using sunscreen and/or hats while you're outside, can reduce the amount of aging your skin will undergo.

Cataracts make your eyes look cloudy and can potentially lead to blindness if left untreated. Wearing mens southern hats can shield and block your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. Lastly, your immune system can weaken if exposed to UV rays too much. The skin can build up defenses against cancer and other infections. But if your skin is overexposed to the sun, it can damage and even weaken these defenses, making you more susceptible to developing infections and possibly cancer.

Bad Hair Day

We've all been there. Maybe you slept wrong with wet hair, and it didn't dry right. Or maybe you were unable to wash your hair as soon as you would have liked. Sometimes it can just be a bad hair day. It didn't brush right, or it doesn't fall the way you'd like it to. Whatever the reason may be, wearing mens southern hats can be a perfect way to hide your hair from onlookers while you go grocery shopping or hang out with friends.

Complete Your Outfit

Sometimes mens southern hats can tie your whole look together. You may be going for something on the casual side to hang out with friends or something more along the lines of looking ready for the ranch. With a mens southern hat, it can help you complete both looks and more. Whatever your style may be, mens southern hats from YNOT Lifestyle can help tie your outfits together.

One Size Fits Most

Not every hat fits every head, but with mens southern hats, one size will fit most. That's because YNOT Lifestyle's mens southern hats have an adjustable clip at the back of the hat that lets you adjust the hat to fit your head. So that way, if you need to tighten or loosen it, you can make it fit your head.

We listed three benefits here, protecting your skin from premature aging, cataracts, immune deficiencies, and skin cancer. In addition to that, it can help you cover your bad hair day and help complete your outfit. There are many more reasons to wear mens southern hats that we didn't outline here because these are reasons enough to get started with new mens southern hats from YNOT Lifestyle.

If you're in need of stylish mens southern hats, you've come to the right place. YNOT Lifestyle can get your head covered and protected from the sun in no time. And while you're here, if you spend over $125 USD, we offer free shipping in the continental US. Get shopping today!

May 11, 2023 — Teresa Fasch

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