The YNOT Lifestyle Brand is here for the modern day farmers, who’re looking to expand their wardrobe and be inspired. Our online shop features quality southern apparel designed with farmers of the 21st century in mind. Since 2015, we’ve continued to add uniqueness, individuality, personality, comfort, and style to rancher apparel.

Here is our story in a snapshot: YNOT Lifestyle Brand’s purpose is to inspire people to overcome life’s obstacles. Life isn’t always beautiful - we all face challenges, defeat, pain, and suffering. Don’t use those things as excuses to not live your life to the fullest. Get back up, brush off your shoulder, and try again. YNOT live life over the edge – tomorrow is never promised.

Shopping Southern Apparel at YNOT

If you’re just hearing about us, you may wonder why you should shop with us instead of other similar clothing brands. Well, we can think of a few reasons why. For one, we offer free shipping on orders totaling $125 (before tax) if your items are shipped within the United States and you select ground shipping. After all, who doesn’t like a bargain? Secondly, we have a 30-day return policy (conditions apply) in the unlikely event you don’t like what you buy or change your mind. Exchanges are also welcome if you receive a damaged or defective item. Just email us. 

Other cool factors that set YNOT apart from your typical southern apparel store are our newsletter and social media. You can subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on discounts, new releases, restocks, and events. We’re also very active on social media, liking comments, responding to comments, reposting your pics, and letting you know what we’re all about.

Follow our  Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to see what we’re up to and to get ideas on how to match your trendy farmer southern apparel. You can even get reposted in your YNOT gear and seen by one of our 96k Instagram followers. Talk about a neat way to interact with other farmers and ranchers across the country.

Finally, YNOT respects that blue collar dollar! We utilize Shop Pay as a secure payment alternative when you don’t have all the money for a purchase right away. By using Shop Pay, you can purchase shirts or hats in four, interest-free, installments. 

Women’s Southern Apparel


Keepin’ It Rural? Then let everybody know by wearing this ultra soft, mostly cotton, heather cream t-shirt. Our Rural shirt is perfect for the simple country girl who knows a great crew neck and a bright smile is all you need to turn heads.

And don’t stress over sizing. This modern fit comes true to size and goes from XS to XXL.

Light Ranch

YNOT’s Light Ranch tee comes in a military green that compliments all fair, tan, olive, and brown complexions. Light Ranch’s “broken-in” look lets people know you’re not new to this, you’re true to this thing we call a southern lifestyle. When you step out in this one-of-a-kind fit, you’ll inspire your community and look modern. If your aim is to be a fashionable farm girl, then you’ve picked the right shirt. 

Sidenote: We infuse our shirts with ink instead of ironing on the visuals, so you don’t need to worry about the decal getting ruined in the washing machine.

Farmers Market

This Farmers Market t-shirt is an excellent choice for barn work or enjoying a casual day.

The comfortable cotton material will keep you cool while you’re farming. Its modern fit ensures that you can easily move around, doing as much ranch work as needed. Best of all? YNOT’s unblemished printwork boldly states a message we know you can relate to: “support local farmers.”

But maybe you’re more interested in rancher-friendly southern apparel for everyday activities. The rust red will pair well with a couple of rosy cheeks and pouty lips. The exquisite stitchwork accentuates your feminine frame and the short sleeves proudly show off your tan and toned arms from farming. 

Beef Campaign Tee

What’s better than a country girl who raises beef? YNOT tell you? It’s a country girl who loves eating beef! Cows have long since been a staple of farming due to their many meaty and delicious parts. Whether it’s brisket, tenderloin, short rib or another piece, it’s a joy to be farm raising cows.

Our heavyweight Beef Campaign Tee is built for comfort. Designed to maintain a breathable fit, this true navy beauty is 100% cotton. And we all know what people say about cotton and the summertime. Cotton is the perfect material to enjoy life under the sun because cotton keeps you cool.

Men’s Southern Apparel

Beef Campaign Tee

YNOT stay stylish while also letting everyone know how they can keep the rancher lifestyle thriving? Our Beef Campaign Tee has a simple but important message. Keep ranching great by eating more beef.

This 100% ring-spun, pre-shrunk cotton, round neck makes use of neat printwork. Taking the proud colors of our American flag, this short sleeve tee fits well with most wardrobe in your closet. Its dark, true navy color makes it easy to pig out without worrying about visible stains, and its front features a left chest pocket that’s perfect for storing small items conveniently.


Brisket Flatbill

Our Brisket Flatbill trucker hat has a cotton polyester blend front for durability and shading, and a mesh back for size adjustability and breathability. Any and everyone will know you’re a modern rancher with this quality cap, making this classic, old school fit a perfect gift for a son or daughter, parent, or grandparent. 

Also, take note of the immaculate patchwork. YNOT will never cut corners on stitching. Dashes of red, gray, and yellow spice up the embroidered patch to add flair to your closet. Trust us, you need this hat. 

YLB Cattle Co. Flatbill

A crisp, white YLB Cattle Co. Flatbill is a much-needed addition to your wardrobe. Its trucker-friendly mesh back will keep you from sweating like a pig (us farmers know pigs don’t sweat. Wink. Wink.). The old school fit and finish means you can wear it for years to come and it’ll never go out of style. The best bang for your buck should include year-round wear, right? 

For eye-catching appeal, we’ve accentuated the patch with neat lettering over neutrals and pastels. The slogan “Eat More Beef” serves two purposes. It’s a great conversation starter and it reminds people to support local farm businesses. As one satisfied customer wrote, “Everything is great about this product!”

Buy this for your partner and they’ll never leave!

Gearjammer Flatbill

Nothing says “southern pride” like our fit Gearjammer Flatbill trucker hat. Flashing a precisely stitched truck beneath classic cursive “Cattle Co.,” anyone who sees you wearing this hat will know what you’re all about.

Our choice of solid black is intentional. Black says, “mysterious.” Black says, “elegant.” Black says, “powerhouse.” So whether you’re the dark and mysterious type or the type who means business, this hat is right for you.

Cattlemen Flatbill

Okay. Let’s face it. Most of us like pairing a bold color with dark colors. It’s a niche way to grab someone’s attention without being too obvious. Well, the turquoise embroidered lettering on this YNOT Cattlemen Flatbill does just that! The striking neon will turn heads, so don’t be shy. Be ready to get compliments. With the ever-classic black and white dual pattern, this cap goes along with most outfits, ideal for a rancher who likes to look cool when he’s done with work.

And hey, there’s no reason a trucker hat this stylish should only come in one color. We have a navy and white variant for the farmer who’s more refined and mature. Then there’s the black and charcoal variant for the modern teen farmer who doesn’t have time to think about getting his hat stained while he’s out farming. The brown and white variant is prime for all ages, adding a masculine vibe to young and old men, or a “hard at work” vibe to the women ranchers who appreciate a sensible hat. Our silver and black variant is emboldened with bright red letters, providing a clear description of the proud cattleman you are.

Registered Angus

Our Registered Angus modern farmer hat has over ten 5-star reviews! And with good reason. The stylish snap back finish is current and the mesh back promises a great fit. With neutral patterns promoting one of the best cuts of beef, the Registered Angus belongs in every true southerner’s hat collection.


As one happy customer put it, “This hat works and works hard! Can’t beat the comfort or the look.” Your southern attire isn’t complete without YNOT’s Hi-Yield trucker mesh cap. Guy or gal can appreciate its smooth, durable front, and moisture-wicking back. A neat embroidered patch takes center focus, sharing a strong message. The choice of brown, red, green, and orange are reminiscent of common vegetables we farmers love growing. And the quad-colored patch rests sleekly against an enviable olive green that’s prime for harvest season. 

But this hat is more than instyle southern wear for farmers. It connects our unique community. We are farmers and our livelihood depends on support from local buyers and shoppers. Whenever you wear this hat, you’re reminding people to support the neighborhood of ranchers who give them the beef, pork, chicken, tomatoes, and corn they need. YNOT share this message while looking good at the same time?

Eldorado Flatbill

Try on our classic, 5 panel, high profile Eldorado Flatbill fellow farmers love. It’s simple and straight to the point, just like most of us enjoying the rural lifestyle. Feel free to brush your fingers along the well stitched iconic bull horn cow horns. Smile with confidence as you strut in your YLB fit. Make friends as you declare your status as a cattle company member. It’s no wonder this hat is one of our bestsellers. 

Southern Cattle Flatbill

YNOT’s high quality hat collection includes the popular Southern Cattle Flatbill. Brown and white for easy wardrobe accessibility, it pairs nicely with a button down and jeans. 

Still not convinced? How about we share one of its 5-star reviews? A verified purchaser wrote, “The hat keeps great form no matter how long and how much I sweat and still looks great. Very happy with it.” That’s because we at YNOT don’t target farmers as a niche marketing strategy. We’re genuinely part of the community and you can only trust other farmers to make great quality southern apparel that can keep up with our rigorous lifestyle. 

Southern Accessories 

YNOT Lifestyle Brand wouldn’t be complete southern apparel unless we designed accessories with farmers in mind, too. 


Keep your hands warm with our “Farm & Ranch Co.” logo koozie. At just $7, this collapsible neoprene koozie is a steal! It matches most jeans and snuggly holds your 12 oz cans. Best of all, you won’t experience terrible wear and tear after only a few weeks of use. Our koozie is constructed to last. Remember, YNOT crafts all its products to support the heavy duty workload of ranchers. 


Our weatherproof, vinyl decals come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small sticker is 3” x 1.4”. The medium sticker is 4.5” x 2”. The large sticker is 6” x 2.8”. You can get any sticker in solid white or solid black. 


Slap a Locally Grown sticker on it and let the sticker do the talkin’ for ya. This attention-grabbing sticker is designed to keep business booming. Our stickers are weatherproof for optimal use. 

It has a Mason Jar variant. 

Why Not Shop at YNOT for Modern Southern Apparel?

When you shop at YNOT Lifestyle Brand, you’re supporting farmers and ranchers just like you. You’re adding to our message of loving life. You’re participating in our call to overcome the hurt, pain, and challenges you’ve been through. When you wear our brand, you’re agreeing to not let life’s obstacles keep you down. So why not give YNOT a try? YNOT is undeniably the best online clothing store for true southern apparel. 

May 31, 2023 — Ashlie Abbott

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