Rodeo ball caps have been a part of American culture for a long time now. Despite being widely known as a fashion accessory among celebrities, rodeo ball caps have a much richer tradition.

But with so many options and variations available, you might be wondering how you can find the right one for you.

Let’s take a look at this practical yet stylish piece of headwear, and give you some options to get your hat game on point this spring.

Rodeo Ball Caps 101

The humble baseball cap has been around for a long time.

Since the Brooklyn Excelsiors decided to style it up in 1860, baseball caps have become almost equally popular amongst fans of the sport, and non-fans too. However, the 'Trucker' or 'Rodeo' versions of baseball caps arrived later.

Originally designed for rural and farmworkers, the cap didn’t come into its own until truckers entered the equation. As these types of hats started to be produced and given away on an increased basis to farmers, trucking companies started to do the same.

The mesh-backed caps began as a promotional freebie that companies would give to truck drivers. The act, as charitable as it looked, was a process by which cheap, convenient headwear could effectively turn truck driver foreheads into traveling billboards that drove across America.

It was during these initial stages that many companies started manufacturing these caps for businesses all over. This snowballed quickly and this style of cap became an American icon.

The trucker cap style started to spread among rodeos too, earning this style of cap the name “Rodeo ball cap.” It didn’t take long for the trucker/rodeo cap to become synonymous with American grit and working-class culture.

Rodeo Ball Caps in Hollywood

Hollywood quickly caught on, utilizing the popularity of the rodeo ball cap by placing it on the heads of characters such as Thomas Magnum (Magnum, P.I.), Colt Seavers (The Fall Guy), and Dominic Santini (Airwolf), amongst many others.

The studios realized that by placing rodeo ball caps on the heads of characters, they could exemplify a kind of grassroots grit. It gave an 'everyman' or 'everywoman' feel to characters by effectively showing and not telling.

Despite its evolution throughout multiple industries, the rodeo ball cap will always remain a stylish and functional item of headwear—a solid choice for any hardworking person.

Rodeo Ball Caps vs. Baseball Caps

Rodeo ball caps originate from the same family as baseball caps. As well as being called 'Rodeo ball caps,' they also answer to the name 'Trucker caps'. They are also known as mesh caps or netback hats.

Despite a similar appearance, rodeo ball caps and baseball caps differ significantly.

Back to Basics

The foremost area in which rodeo ball caps and baseball caps differ is in the way the back of each cap is designed.

Rodeo ball caps have a mesh backing that usually encompasses the entire back portion of the cap. There are a few exceptions where the meshing only covers the last quarter of the cap, but this type of design is fairly uncommon these days.

Baseball caps were originally designed for baseball players, whereas trucker and rodeo ball caps were created to be a practical form of headwear for truckers, farmers, and those that engage in outdoor work.

In addition, trucker and rodeo ball caps were sometimes used as cattle hats because they were more affordable and accessible than traditional cowboy hats.

Baseball cap logos primarily have served as an emblem for particular sports teams. However, trucker and rodeo ball caps were originally utilized as an advertising method employed by manufacturers of agricultural goods.

Rodeo Ball Caps Today

Despite having a humble origin story, rodeo ball caps have evolved past their primary function of protecting farmers from the sun and serving as a promotional tool for agricultural companies.

Through the 1970s, the evolution of the cap saw it being utilized by trucking companies—who were following the example of the agricultural companies—a move which saw truckers sporting mesh-backed caps across the whole of America.

It wasn’t long before they quickly became the staple headwear of most rural workers. Providing protection from the sun and having a breathable mesh back, the caps are still as suited to the task as they ever were.

By the early 2000s, rodeo ball caps started to become popular amongst the suburban youth of America. This resulted in an injection of unique styles and street swagger, something never before witnessed by the youth of America.

With their popularity skyrocketing, rodeo ball caps gave rise to companies like Von Dutch—brands willing to invest money into producing higher quality caps to suit an ever-growing demand sweeping across Punk, Hip Hop, and Skate subcultures.

This demand is still present today with rodeo ball caps remaining symbols of American culture.

Tips for Picking Rodeo Ball Caps

Regardless of whether you’re picking out a men’s rodeo ball cap, or a women’s rodeo ball cap, we recommend you factor in the following things:


A great rodeo ball cap does not have to be expensive. Unless you’re looking to be the next David Beckham of the fashion world, a reasonably priced rodeo ball cap is all you need to look great. 

You can find a cap that's reasonably priced and made from good materials from sellers like YNOT Lifestyle Brand. A good example of just one of the hats we have in our collection would be the Circle Patch cap.

Built to Last 

The overall durability of any cap is essential. Before you buy, you must ensure you’ve chosen the right materials to maximize your comfort.

As you'll be spending most of your time outdoors, you need a hat that’s designed to last. Unlike people who work indoor office jobs, your headgear needs to be task sufficient and long-lasting, as well as look stylish.

Simple Design

You’re a hardworking, no-nonsense individual. That’s why you need a rodeo ball cap that has a simple design and directly communicates style and presence.

At YNOT, we specialize in exactly this type of authentic style. Unlike modern styles, our cap colors and logo placements are simple and clean. Here’s a selection of great rodeo ball caps from our online catalog.


Your rodeo ball cap needs to feel just as good as it looks. You’ll be using it while working, so the last thing you need is for you to be experiencing any discomfort while wearing it.

An important contributing factor to the level of comfort you will experience is the type of material the cap is made from.

Make sure to choose a rodeo ball cap that has been constructed from high-quality materials. A good example of what to look for in any online catalog would be something along the lines of the Roughstock Flatbill cap.

Styling Rodeo Ball Caps

Although rodeo ball caps tend to suit pretty much any outfit, we have provided you with a few tried-and-tested style options that will keep you in good stead.

Some of the most popular rodeo ball cap styles are discussed in-depth below. We have split the Spring style options into two categories: Rodeo Ball Cap Outfits and How To Wear Your Rodeo Ball Cap.

Rodeo Ball Cap Outfits

1. Monochromatic

The monochromatic look is a clean look that's generally casual but can easily be dressed up to look semi-formal. Wear it on a night out or to an informal business meeting (if hats are allowed).

To achieve this look:

  • Make sure all pieces of your outfit are in the same color
  • The colors should be muted, not bright or flashy
  • Start with a plain rodeo ball cap
  • Add in a plain tee shirt
  • Some dark jeans
  • Some sneakers

2. Playing It Cool

You can wear the playing-it-cool look anywhere and everywhere that casual wear is appropriate. It's an easy look for those who don't have much time to get dressed for their day but still want to look nice.

To achieve this look:

  • Put on your favorite rodeo ball cap backward
  • If you have bangs, let them poke through the hole or hang down freely
  • Hair can be worn loose in the back or in a low-hanging ponytail
  • Put on a slightly baggy shirt
  • Add some comfy sneakers
  • Some sweats or leggings

3. The Sporty Casual

Wear the sporty casual look when attending a sporting event or playing sports yourself. This is the perfect look for an old-fashioned baseball game with friends or watching the Sunday football game at home.

To achieve this look:

  • Choose a rodeo ball cap representing your favorite sport's team
  • Add a well-fitting tee or tank
  • Some athletic bottoms
  • Plus comfortable sneakers
  • Pair this look with a zip-up or pull-over hoodie if the weather is cooler

4. The Country Prep

The country prep look is perfect for those days you want to look good while working. It can also be used for nights out at the bar, bonfires, or going horseback riding.

To achieve this look:

  • Start with your favorite rodeo ball cap
  • Your ponytail should be pulled through the back of the cap
  • Add a well-fitting pair of work jeans
  • Some work boots
  • Then a sleeveless tank or tight shirt

If the weather is cooler, you can wear either a jacket, single-color zip-up hoodie, or a denim jacket with this look.

5. Low-Key Look

This casual look is perfect for nearly any relaxed occasion. For example, you may want to style a low-key casual look for family reunions, hanging out with friends, or even just a shopping trip.

To achieve this look:

  • Pick a rodeo ball cap (dark colors work best)
  • Pick a casual tee-shirt and a long-sleeved hoodie
  • Add a denim vest over the hoodie
  • Match these up with some sweat pants, leggings, or jeans

This look calls for a primarily dark-colored theme. However, using a light-colored denim jacket and jeans is appropriate and can even break up the monotony of this look.

Men can consider accenting this look with a silver or gold chain.

Women can also consider wearing chains and stud earrings but may want hoops for their ears instead.

6. The Incognito

The incognito style is perfect for those hot workdays or outdoor adventures. It's not only stylish but provides an adequate amount of sun protection for your face and eyes.

To achieve this look:

  • Pick your favorite rodeo ball cap
  • Choose a pair of dark sunglasses
  • Pick a sleeveless tank or well-fitting tee shirt
  • Then choose a zip-up hoodie
  • Some comfortable jeans
  • Pair of work boots or comfortable sneakers

How to Wear a Rodeo Ball Cap

There are many different ways to wear a rodeo ball cap beyond simply sitting it on your head. The two primary methods of wear are forward-facing and backward-facing.


This is the most traditional way to wear a rodeo ball cap. This is when the hat's brim is facing forward, as it's designed to be. In this wear position, a rodeo ball cap provides shade for your eyes and the top part of your face.


Wearing a cap backward-facing is considered a more casual look that may not be appropriate in formal situations. Many ways you can style your hair for a backward-facing cap are the same as forward-facing.

The various ways you can switch up these methods are discussed in-depth below.

7. Side Ponytail

This style is perfect for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with having their hair entirely pulled back.

To achieve this look:

  • Pull all of your hair to one side
  • Loosely ponytail it
  • Put on your rodeo ball cap

8. Pigtails

A perfect look that is easy to pull off and always adds a touch of style to any look.

To achieve this look:

  • Twin braid your hair on opposite sides of your head
  • Slide your rodeo ball cap on

9. Straight Down

This messy yet elegant style is easy to achieve and helps to create a casual appearance.

To achieve this look:

  • Brush your hair
  • Put on your rodeo ball cap

10. High Ponytail

Wearing your cap like this will create a youthful and energetic appearance.

To achieve this look:

  • Place your hair up high
  • Pull it through the opening of your cap

11. Low Ponytail

This style allows a bit more flexibility than the high ponytail.

To achieve this look:

  • Create a low hanging ponytail
  • Slide your cap down so it sits on top of the ponytail

12. Hidden Bun

A classic style that always looks great with any cap or outfit.

To achieve this look:

  • Put your hair up into a bun
  • Wear your rodeo ball cap over it

13. Side Bun

Messily adorable, this great look gives off a feel of casual abandon and attention to style.

To achieve this look:

  • Create a side bun that messily hangs toward your neck
  • Put on a rodeo ball cap

14. Strands Down

To create an appearance of cool chic, this look works brilliantly.

To achieve this look:

  • Pull your hair up into a ponytail or bun
  • Leave a few strands loose
  • Slide on your favorite rodeo ball cap

15. Fishtail Braids

This is a trickier look that takes time and effort. However, the result is worth the effort.

To achieve this look:

  • Pull your hair back into a ponytail
  • Divide your ponytail into two equal-sized ponytails
  • Braid them together
  • Put on your rodeo ball cap

For a more detailed tutorial, you can head here.

Where to Buy Your Rodeo Ball Cap

After you've done your research on the range of styles and materials you'll have to find the best seller for your rodeo ball cap.

Thankfully, YNOT Lifestyle Brand has everything you need and more!  

Creating a great look is about choosing a cap that speaks to your form of self-expression. Be bold and order a cap today from the YNOT Lifestyle Brand online catalog.

May 25, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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