Spending time outdoors can boost your immune system, improve your heart health, and give you more energy. So you should try and get out into the sunshine as much as possible! If you live in rural America then getting out into the fresh air on a daily basis won't be a challenge. 

However, finding clothing that works practically and looks great can be difficult. After all, you need clothing that can handle the terrain and you shouldn't have to compromise on style in order to do that! 

Rustic shirts are a great option when you're out and about and suit a whole range of personal styles. Not sure where to start with incorporating shirts into your rustic style clothing? Then you've come to the right place! 

Read on to find out our top tips on the best rustic shirts around and how to style them!

Finding the Right Size for Your Rustic Shirt

When it comes to choosing rustic shirts, it is a good idea to look at your personal style. While rustic shirts come in fairly standard sizes, you can size up or down to find a fit that works for you. 

For example, if you prefer your clothes to be form-fitting then stick with your standard sizing. However, if you prefer a baggy, oversized look then you might want to size up. Or you could even check out men's rustic clothing for a "boyfriend" look! 

If you are planning to layer up your shirt then it's a good idea to go for a snug fit. That way you won't drown your body in all of your layers. 

If you like to switch things up, then it's a good idea to get a few shirts in different sizes. That way you will always have one to suit your look.

Patterned Rustic Shirts vs. Plain Looks

When you are shopping for shirts you will often find yourself drawn to certain styles or patterns. This depends a lot on your personal style. 

For example, you might prefer bold logos and bright colors. Or you may opt for a more subdued style, such as pale blue and cream hues. 

Whatever your style, there is a rustic shirt to suit you. However, it is a good idea to think practically when choosing shirts for your wardrobe. 

You need to think about what you will be pairing your shirt with and when you will be wearing it. Bold colors look great insolation or with a pair of jeans but they can be harder to incorporate into a layered look. 

That said, these bolder colors or patterns are less likely to show up dirt or stains. So they can be super practical for day-to-day wear.

Picking the Right Material for Your Rustic Clothing 

You are going to wear your rustic shirts a lot so you want to opt for clothing that is: 

  • Comfortable 
  • Breathable 
  • Easy to clean 

Last summer in the US, temperatures rose as high as 118.2°F. If you are out all day in this heat then you want to make sure that you're wearing something lightweight. During the winter, these lightweight materials are also easy to layer up for extra warmth.

Because of this, you should opt for shirts made from natural materials, such as cotton. Poly blends also keep your shirts fitting well even after you have washed them plenty of times!

On top of this, cotton and poly blends are much easier to wash and dry. They can withstand the high temperatures needed to get out tough stains. And you can sling them in the dryer to get them back in your wardrobe as quickly as possible.

So make sure you keep this in mind when looking at different rustic shirts. Their material will have a big impact on how long they last and how easy it is to look after them on a daily basis.

Styling Your Rustic Style Clothing 

Once you have a few great rustic shirts in your wardrobe, you can start enjoying them on a daily basis. The great thing about these shirts is that they are extremely versatile. So there are loads of different ways to style them. 

Rustic shirts look great paired with denim, especially if it slightly distressed. If you want to cinch your look in at the waist, try adding a thick brown belt to complete your look. 

In the summer months, you can keep cooler by swapping your jeans out for shorts or even cut-off overalls. A cap will complete the look and protect you in the heat!

As it gets cooler, keep your style rustic by layering an over-sized plaid shirt or bomber jacket over your shirt.

Alternatively, if you are working the ranch then a rustic shirt can look great under overalls with a pair of work boots. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your work look. The overalls will also protect your shirt from any mess and debris that you might encounter on the ranch!  

No matter what you are doing, you can dress your rustic shirts up for a stylish and practical look!

Kit Out Your Wardrobe With a Few Rustic Shirts Today 

When it comes to rustic women's clothing and rustic men's clothing, rustic shirts are essential. These staple items work as stand-alone pieces for a laid-back look. Or you can layer them up when you're out and about so a more put-together ensemble. 

Ready to kit your wardrobe out with some great rustic shirts? Then check out our great collection of shirts now!

April 12, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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