When you think of farm or ranch life, what comes to mind? If you're like most people, you might imagine a life of hard work and dedication to the land. While this is true, there's more to farm life than working outdoors.

Farmers have always been a source of strength and inspiration for their communities, and they continue to be today. As a modern-day farmer, you are the backbone of our society. You work hard to provide for those that your work serves.

But what about your personal style? Do you feel like you're stuck in a fashion rut? Well, we've got good news for you!

We’re going to show you how to add some stylish new pieces to your wardrobe, and we’ll tell you why you may want to do it. So, if you have them, put on those cowboy boots, and let's get started.

Why Adding to Your Wardrobe Is a Good Idea

When you think about it, the way we dress is a direct reflection of who we are. Our style allows us to express our individuality and creativity in a variety of ways. For farmers and ranch dwellers, this means not only being able to display their pride for their profession with every thread on their body, but also showing off what they value most as individuals.

Some of these things could be family, community, or what you do day to day. Adding some new pieces to your wardrobe is essential if you want to show off who you are. It's time people got to know the real farmer behind the jeans and boots.

As we mentioned before, farmers come from all walks of life. This means that there is no one specific way to dress like a farmer. You can find as many different styles among farmers as you would in any other group of people.

So don't be afraid to mix it up a bit! Wear something that expresses your personality and shows off your unique style. There's nothing wrong with looking good while working hard.

In addition to expressing yourself through what you wear, adding variety to your wardrobe can also help keep things interesting. As farmers, you often have long days filled with hard work. It's important to take some time for yourself.

This could be as simple as picking out the perfect hat to suit your mood or the perfect shirt that you know your workers will get a kick out of. Not to mention, sometimes our wardrobe choices can make us feel good.

So, let's explore some wardrobe enhancement benefits, and take a look at a few new pieces that YNOT lifestyle brand has to offer your wardrobe. And who knows, you may even start a trend or two while you're at it.

The Benefits of Enhancing Your Ranch Life Wardrobe

If you’re wondering if there are any actual benefits to adding to your wardrobe, yes there is. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, where you live, or what you do every day. Apparel can make bigger statements than we realize, no matter the color, size, or material of the piece.

There are many benefits to enhancing your ranch life wardrobe. Here are a few:

A Boost In Confidence

You'll feel more confident and comfortable in your skin and interests. When you look good, you feel good, and that's definitely true when it comes to apparel. A new outfit can give you the boost of confidence you need to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

You may also find that wearing outfits inspired by farm and ranch life makes you feel more connected to your community, your roots, or your interests.

Express Yourself

You'll be able to express yourself in new ways. One of the best things about fashion is that it allows us to express ourselves in very different and individual ways. So, if you're not into certain types of clothing, there are always plenty of other options to choose from.

Allow Yourself To Stand Out

You'll stand out in a crowd. This can be a good thing and can even bring you and your co-workers together.

Imagine your team wearing the same ranch-style shirt for a day, or you wearing something that starts a new tradition. Apparel holds more weight than people may think.

Enhance Your Style

You'll look stylish and it'll be obvious that you're representing ranch life. Oftentimes people don't understand the definition of style. Style can mean what you feel comfortable wearing and representing.

It will represent style through your level of comfort and happiness. Along with how you feel when you wear a certain shirt or find your new favorite hat. It's not hard to see why there are so many benefits to enhancing your ranch life wardrobe.

Whether you're looking to feel more confident in yourself or want to express your unique personality, a few new pieces can do exactly that.

Exploring YNOT's collection of hats, shirts, and accessories could be what your day-to-day routine needs. Whether every day is different, or if your schedule looks the same, your wardrobe can do either or.

How YNOT Lifestyle Brand Is Unique

YNOT lifestyle brand is a quality farm and ranch apparel designed for modern-day farmers. YNOT Lifestyle Brands' purpose is to inspire people to overcome life's obstacles.

One of the saying's of the brand is that "life isn't always beautiful, we all face challenges, defeat, pain, and suffering. Don't use those things as excuses to not live your life to the fullest".

The brand works to inspire others to always get back up, brush off their shoulder, and try again. Most importantly, YNOT live life over the edge, especially since tomorrow is never promised?

One of the unique aspects of the YNOT lifestyle brand is that it provides an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to connect with each other through fashion. The brand was created with a sense of community in mind, and it strives to bring people together who share a common interest in ranch life.

The YNOT lifestyle brand is designed to inspire people to embrace their inner self and express themselves in a way that is them. It also provides an outlet for those who may not be able to find clothes that fit well or work with their preferences, since the clothing line was made with everyone in mind.

How The YNOT Brand Came to Be

You might notice that the YNOT brand was born out of a simple realization. Many people love the farm and ranch-style life. Some want to be able to do what they love while having a favorite go-to option for any workday.

With comfortable, simplistic yet fashionable options that offer a wise saying or a fun design, the ranch lifestyle has never been more represented. Ranch clothing brands should offer a reflection of style and appreciation for rural living. All without looking like typical or plain attire.

The goal was to create great-looking clothes with unique designs that any modern-day farmer would be proud to wear. And from what we can tell, it worked.

Additionally, the goal is for customers to feel empowered by the choices they made. This goes along with having the opportunity for customers to find options they like with not only style in mind, but also with a sense of community.

Individuality and Community

Clothing options can promote individuality and community ties. A great example of this is the YNOT lifestyle brand. YNOT is quality farm and ranch apparel designed for modern-day farmers that dare to be expressive.

People should be able to express their individuality through their clothing. This sense of individualism is important because it allows people to stand out from the crowd and celebrate their unique personalities, lifestyles, and interests. At the same time, however, it’s also important to foster a sense of community spirit.

Clothing can play an important role in bringing people together and promoting shared values. The YNOT brand does an excellent job of combining individualism and community spirit, which makes it a popular choice for farmers and ranchers across the country.

Why Apparel For Ranchers?

As a rancher, you take great pride in your work. You know the importance of being self-reliant and working hard, but that doesn't mean that you can't have a little fun too. That's where YNOT apparel comes in.

We want to help you represent your ranching lifestyle with pride. Ranch life is more than a lifestyle. It's who you are and what you do. And it shows in everything from your apparel for the day to the way that you operate.

What you wear can show you're bold, strong, independent, and that you're not afraid to get your hands dirty.

When you put on one of our products, it should feel like an extension of who you are as a person. It should reflect your values and interests, and give you a sense of community with others who share your passions. Whether it's a simple flat bill hat or t-shirt, or a bundle of your favorite options, we want you to feel like you're part of the ranching family.

Ranching is sometimes passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes you can just fall into it, or you choose it and you learn along the way. The work shown on certain shirts and hats speaks volumes about individual character.

It can show the ability to persevere through hardships, keep calm under pressure and make do with limited resources. Ranch life provides people with skills that go beyond those they think they might need. It also teaches them how to work together as a team to achieve their goals.

Not Your Average T-Shirt

One thing that you might notice is that many t-shirts lack personalities. They lack a message or even a specific Style. With YNOT t-shirts, and other apparel and accessories, you don't need to dress up our cattle ranch clothing to make a statement.

Whether you want to keep it rural by showing off one of our most popular designs, or if you want to support your community in other ways. With our clothing, each piece has its own message. It has its purpose to represent.

Whether you want to support local ranchers or ranch life in general, our ranch t-shirts allow you to do exactly that without saying anything. Not only do we offer one-of-a-kind designs, but we also offer options for everyone. Here's the difference between our t-shirts compared to others.

Our t-shirts are lightweight with a featured modern fit. They are durable while still offering all-day comfort. You will enjoy the broken-in look and feel of some of our t-shirts as well as the crew neck and relaxed collar options.

Our options feature a range between 100% ring-spun cotton and some featuring 52% ultra-soft ring-spun cotton and 48% polyester. Along with each of these benefits, you will also notice that some of our options feature a left chest pocket within the material itself.

As well as a breathable neck and imprint which offers additional all-day comfort. You can also look forward to double-needle stitching. This allows our customers to know that their options will last wash after wash.

And for that broken-in feel and complete look that many people love, many choices are offered in soft wash dyed fabric to give that natural look.

Versatility: What One Shirt Can Do

The right shirt can do a lot more than just look good. A high-quality shirt like the ones offered by YNOT is versatile enough to use for everything from working around your homestead or ranching operation, heading out on an adventure with friends, relaxing on the porch during sunset, the list goes on and on.

YNOT has some great options that are perfect for working outdoors while not only looking great but remaining durable. This way you can feel confident no matter what tasks come up during any given day out on the ranch. As you now know, the clothing line includes shirts made with ring-spun cotton.

This will keep you cool when temperatures rise but also warm enough when there’s a chill in the air. Along with that, each shirt offers an actual lightweight feeling. This is a popular benefit for those that work in different temperatures and different elements.

Just as your work environment and tasks are versatile, and often fluctuate, the shirts that you buy should be able to do the same. They should remain versatile, and fluctuate with what they can handle all while you're on the job.

More On The Product

Our customers find that the all-around comfort that our shirts offer with soft washed cotton and roomy, yet comfortable fits allow them to have more confidence and variety. Another great advantage to our product is that you will be able to enjoy the modern look of many of the apparel options.

With the more modern approach to style, you have more versatility with the apparel. Whether you want to work out on the ranch, rep the ranch life while out of town, or if you want to show it off to groups of friends or family, there are options to help showcase the life you enjoy.

A Look Into The Collection

Now that you have a better idea of the make, meaning, and mission behind the shirt, let's take a peek into the collection. This way you can see close up, what's special about each piece. This will also give you some great insight and navigation into our popular and featured products.


You’ll notice, that some of our most popular options will showcase the saying “Keepin It Rural”. This allows for the feeling of community as if you are promoting a certain message. The Keepin It Rural shirt options complement and flaunt the rural lifestyle.

With a fit that sits low at the hip, a comfortable crew neck, that broken-in look and feel that people look for, and the durability with lightweight wear, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Many of our customers enjoy being able to represent a brand with meaning. All while they do the work that means the most to them. Our customers that have purchased this particular shirt love the quality and fit. As well as the style and overall softness. As we’ve said, this is what we strive for.

Farmer's Market

With unisex options, you no longer have to worry about the look and fit of certain shirts. We offer versatile use shirts that appeal to any audience. One of our popular five-star t-shirt choices is the "Farmer's market".

This design complements the look of yesteryear that's often sought after. While offering comfort, softness, and the perfect crew style neckline, you start to notice the high quality right away.

This shirt features a barnyard logo design with the popular text, "support local farmers" displayed across the front. This is a great way to support your local farmer any day.

If you're a farmer or a rancher in general, you're sure to feel like you joined a movement when you put on this shirt. With the idea of not only supporting local farmers but promoting them, the farmer's market tee came to be.

Logo Long Sleeve

You won’t always need a T-shirt, sometimes you might need something with some sleeves. With this thought, we offer multiple long sleeve logo options that are as popular as the short sleeve tees. With the simple YNOT logo and branding features in the front, you will still have that sense of inclusion while being a tad warmer when you need to be.

Our long sleeve shirt options aren’t only for show, they are heavy-duty with durability and comfort in mind. We have also ensured that there is plenty of room to move around if you know what we mean.

This choice is a favorite for all-around style and comfort and you will notice that we also offer them with the trusty left chest pocket. Given the work that you might do on any given day, we have ensured that the shirt features a breathable back imprint to offer you all-day comfort.

Combine Tee

If you’re looking for another five-star option, the combine tee is another favorite that you will get a lot of use out of. This particular shirt offers all-around comfort. Along with a roomy fit and soft-washed cotton feel.

Along with that, you will notice that there is a left chest pocket featured on the shirt. All while housing the popular YNOT lifestyle brand logo. Additionally, the shirt offers untouched durable double-needle stitching.

This is a great feature as it ensures that the shirt itself will last through repeated washes. You’ll also notice that you’ll be able to achieve the broken-in look and feel. This is due to the soft washed garment-dyed fabric.

This shirt offers style, with given functionality. Customers say that they are very happy with the look and the softness. This includes the overall quality as well. Not only that, customers rave about the ability to achieve absolute comfort.

Again, this is what we strive for.

Rancher's Tee

This is an option that's for the true rancher. You'll notice immediately the bull horns featured on the front as well as the left chest pocket. Additionally, this comes in both long sleeve and short sleeve options.

So, you can rest assured that the overall comfort and breathability are always taken into consideration during the design.

The soft-washed cotton allows for a roomy, yet confidence-capable fit and you guessed it, 100% ring-spun preshrunk cotton. This design comes backed by five stars and gets you a step closer to finding your new signature ranch wear. With a host of different color options for apparel, you can mix and match different choices to suit your wardrobe how you see fit.

How To Put Together a New Ranch Life Wardrobe

Some people think that if you work on a ranch, your wardrobe is easy. You buy some t-shirts and jeans, right? Not so fast!

There are considerations to make when buying clothing for the Ranch Life. Since we already know this, we curated our line of clothing to not only reflect what ranchers need in their wardrobe, but what they'd more than likely benefit from having, or what they already know they want.

Still, let's take a look at a few things you should always pay attention to, before starting your wardrobe overhaul.


Some people buy oversized clothing because they like the way it fits or looks. Those clothes might not be appropriate for working with livestock, or heavy machinery though. Long story short, loose-fitting clothing can get caught on things.

Buying shirt options that feel custom-tailored can make a huge difference in how you feel while working. You shouldn't have to stop, not even once to fix your clothes while you're operating complex equipment, or working outside in general.

Having clothes that fit how you want and need them to will help reduce accidents from happening while working on the farm/ranch. If you think about it, something as simple as the perfect sized shirt can help to prevent preventable injuries.


It’s important to have clothes that fit how they should when working on the ranch because it can help prevent injuries as well. This plays into size, but trust us, size and fit are not necessarily the same thing.

If you wear more tight-fitting t-shirts, you may notice that you sweat a bit more, or that your mobility becomes compromised if the material of the shirt doesn't compliment the fit or the weather that you're exposed to.

You'll probably want something that doesn't cause discomfort during simple activities like bending down, reaching to different heights, or anything similar to tasks that require a lot of movement. Additionally, anything that feels a bit too loose could also cause a host of issues.


Comfort is key when it comes to working on the ranch, or outside at all. All of your clothing should be breathable, lightweight, and soft against your skin so you don't get overheated while doing physical labor outdoors especially, during hot summer days.

When you're comfortable, you're often more productive and content with what you're doing. What better way to enjoy the ranch lifestyle, than by getting even more done because you're comfortable with what you're wearing?


Working on the ranch is hard work, and it can be rough on clothes. All of your clothing needs to be durable enough that it won't wear out too fast from all of this activity. This means no fabrics that might be too thin.

When you're clothing can withstand what you do every day, they are likely to last longer than you expected. One thing that farmers might be subjected to is having to stay stocked up on fresh shirts. With YNOT, a few options will go a long way.

We favor quality over quantity and that's why we pride ourselves in the durability level of our shirts. Essentially, you'll want options that work as hard as you do, if not harder.


Working outdoors can mean getting our clothes a bit more dirty than we expect. Although we can't help how dirty we get, we can help how long our clothing lasts.

You want your clothes to stand up against the elements. You may not want something that will crumble at the first sign of dirt.

We created our brand with that in mind. How you get dirty, clean yourself off, and start over again, our shirts are built to do the same.

Now You Have What You Need

So, now that you know what to look for to find the best pieces when you're changing out your wardrobe, it should be a bit easier for you to navigate our options. We should say though, that although you now know what to look for, you'll still struggle a bit narrowing down the options you'll have since all of our options feature high quality, durability, softness and comfort, and functional capabilities.

To make it even easier for you, when you visit YNOT and start to go through our collections, make choices based on color, and coverage (long sleeve or short sleeve). Everything else was already done for you.

Remember, finding pieces to fit your unique style doesn't have to be difficult. Because doing so is something that most people find challenging, our collection is what it is, to make shopping a bit easier on you. With other things to do and to focus on, shopping might not be something you want to see on your list.

Now, you can change your wardrobe with very little effort. The technical aspects of clothing were already thought of and taken care of for you. Like, fit, sizing, comfort, durability, and overall design.

What's up to you, is to figure out the color options and combinations that you enjoy the most, as well as the sleeve type that you prefer. And when you can't decide between sleeve type and color options, get everything.

Rep The Ranch Lifestyle

Now you know about what we have to offer for ranch life so you have a better idea of what your wardrobe may need. Here’s the thing, have you ever seen someone wearing a really cool shirt and thought to yourself, “Where can I get one?”

Well, you can now buy ranch apparel straight from the source at YNOT. What many people don’t realize is how under-served or underrepresented their lifestyles may be and we wanted to change that for ranch goers. Whether you live on a ranch, live on and operate a farm, or you love everything about them, our products are for you.

YNOT is a lifestyle brand, made to represent your lifestyle. Interested in seeing for yourself? Shop now!

March 01, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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