You suddenly realize you need new ranching hats. Where do you go? Your local outdoor store that doesn't understand the needs of farmers, or your new favorite ranch apparel brand?

In this guide, we'll provide all the relevant information you need to know for choosing the best men's hats brands for your everyday needs or your growing hat collection. We'll also discuss some important elements to consider when shopping for a reliable clothing brand.

Keep reading to learn more about finding the right hats and clothes for all your farming days!

The Backstory of Men’s Hats

Independent artisans ran the majority of men's hats brands in the 10th century. Men wore hats for all sorts of reasons, from armor protection during the war to status symbols only the elite could afford.

The newsboy and fedora styles served unique purposes. But at the time, all hats were handmade by dedicated hatmakers. In the 20th-century, large fashion houses monopolized the hat industry and pushed hatmakers to the side.

Most hats today are machine-made, but certain styles are still hand-pressed and sewn. 

Most Popular Men’s Hat Styles for Ranching

There are two hat styles most suitable for long days on the farms. They are both common accessories in a traditional ranch apparel look.

You might recognize the cowboy and baseball cap, but do you know why they are important for the ranch? We'll discuss their significance below. 


John B. Stetson created the first American cowboy hats. But they were far from what we know today. Stetson's first hats had a round, flat brim and rounded crown, and were made of fine fur fabric. 

Cowboy hats protected riders, ranchers, and farmers during their long laborious hours under the hot sun. The cowboy hat had many refinements to get it to the shape we know today. 

To better accommodate for ropes used when roping cattle, the brims were curved up by applying steam. For ease in control and wear, hatmakers pinched the crown in the middle so the hat can be easier to lift off.

Some brands started adding neck fasteners to keep cowboy hats from blowing off.

Baseball Cap

The first baseball caps to ever exist consisted of straw and were actually for yachting. 1860 is the year hats most closely resembling today's baseball caps debuted. 

The cap crown was better fitted than a yachting hat to hold while players of the Brooklyn Excelsiors swung, ran, and pitched. Like the cowboy hat, the baseball hat we know today is a result of various iterations of the first baseball hat.

The brim got an extension to better protect the eyes from the sun. Latex rubber inserts made the baseball hat sturdier in 1940.

Materials shifted from wool to cotton and polyester. Teams and consumers alike sported hats with logos, and the rest is history.

Factors to Check When Shopping for Reliable Men's Hats Brands and Farm Apparel

Today we are fortunate to live in a world with no shortage of clothing and hats. But this creates space for questionable practices and poor quality.

Many brands still operate with the ethical and quality standards of artisan brands. It's just about seeking them out. Below are a few things to consider when shopping for the best clothing brand. 


The materials are the most important factor to consider when shopping for the best ranch apparel from head to toe. The materials are important for two reasons.

First, they will impact the wearability of your pieces. If you work in Arizona, for example, you'll need breathable cotton, light linens, and thin tops in reflective colors to beat the heat.

A farmer in Minnesota will have very different needs. They'll want to look into wool hats, leather boots, thick denim, and flannels for clothing. 


Farming clothes get dirty. Grass stains, mud spots, and lots of sweat will embellish your clothes at the end of every shift. 

So while you need to invest in longevity and quality, you'll also need to be considerate of price. For pieces that won't experience as much wear, like your belt, hat, and shoes, pay a higher price. 

But for shirts and pants, stick to affordable pieces with easy washing instructions. With this strategy, you'll get the most bang for your buck. With YNOT, we slash prices so you get quality, performance, and style at an affordable cost.

Sun Protection

This is so important for farmers to know! The sun is a good thing if you interact with it wisely. In fact, 10-30 minutes of responsible daily sun exposure is all you need to maintain healthy vitamin D levels.

As a farmer, you can spend twelve hours a day in some of the most intense unshaded sun. As we said, some sun is healthy, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. 

Protect yourself wisely. Always wear a hat, a mineral waterproof SPF, and long sleeves and pants if you sunburn easily. 


Quality is what sets brands apart. When shopping, pay attention to the feel of the clothing. Are there pills and pulled threads running across the brand new pieces? Price usually speaks for quality, but not always.

There are so many other factors that go into price like labor, materials, quantity, and more.

Sometimes you're online shopping and quality is not apparent. The best way to decipher a quality brand is to do your research and look at reviews.

Top 5 Features of YNOT: A Farmer's Favorite Men's Hat and Clothing Brand

Below we've compiled a list of five unique features of YNOT men's apparel and hats. YNOT has great farming-friendly men's clothing that is practical enough for working the rural grasslands but stylish enough for city strolls. Check us out!

1. Positive Customer Feedback

Don't take our word for the superb quality and style of YNOT. Take it from our thousands of satisfied customers!

YNOT hats have so many five-star reviews and come in a colorway to match every sense of style. The majority of products in the YNOT catalog have 4.5 stars or higher out of five. Our products are brimming with customer satisfaction.

2. By Farmers for Farmers

We created YNOT because we couldn't find the functional and motivational clothing we needed as farmers. That is why we are uniquely qualified to understand and solve the problems farmers face in their everyday apparel needs. 

YNOT has a variety of hats and shirts for men and women. YNOT hats are great for farmers because they are made of a cotton/polyester twill blend with mesh panels for added breathability. The plastic adjustable snaps ensure they don't fall off while you're working and riding. 

We've thought through every detail to create clothes and hats that move with you through the farm.

3. Supporting Local Agriculture

By wearing YNOT hats, you are not just doing something good for yourself. You are supporting American agriculture and amplifying American farmers. 

YNOT hats and apparel use their real estate to support farmers with important messages like "Eat More Beef" and "Support Local." On our YNOT hats, you'll find these messages embroidered on textured patches. They come in leather and cloth.

Our YNOT men's graphic t-shirts also showcase these same messages. The YNOT "Campaign Tee" shares the message to "eat more beef" which supports cattle ranchers.

The "Combine Tee" is made of soft-washed cotton and features a pocket to store your belongings. It has the best of both worlds, farming and ranching. 

4. Ride in Style

At YNOT, we don't believe you need to sacrifice style for function or vice versa. We use functional fabrics and forms but we combine them with impeccable design. 

While our clothes are designed for farming and ranching, they are stylish enough to wear in your day-to-day. Our hats make a great everyday accessory whether you're heading to a barbeque or exploring the city. 

5. The YNOT Philosophy

YNOT's philosophy is to live life over the edge – tomorrow is never promised. YNOT delivers nothing short of greatness in all of its men's and women's pieces. We fully deliver on our promise to be one of the greatest men's lifestyle brands.

YNOT: All Your Farming and Ranching Clothing Lifestyle Needs

Shopping for ranch apparel can be challenging. You need performance, comfort, and style all in one. With all the men's hats brands out there, it can be overwhelming to determine who steps up to the plate. 

YNOT is created by farmers for farmers. We are uniquely qualified to deliver what farmers need because we've been in their shoes, or should we say boots. We create high-quality farming essentials to build a wardrobe. 

Because why not look and feel your best while working the ranch? Check out our new Farm Emblem hat and join our community of changemakers.

June 16, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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