The average adult spends between $161 and $209 per month on clothing.

This equates to over a thousand dollars per year, and most farmers will prioritize the health of their farm and its animals over getting tons of new shirts they'll never even wear.

But you don't have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe, especially if your current clothes are durable and serve you well. Instead, you can get a couple of beef hats to give your wardrobe a new look without breaking the bank. 

A beef hat can be dressed up or down, is easy to coordinate with your outfit, and most importantly, protects you from the elements.

In this blog post, we'll cover how you can update your wardrobe using a variety of beef hats, how to style them, and more. Read on to find out more!

Why Beef Hats Are the Perfect Solution To Updating Your Wardrobe 

Beef hats are the perfect solution for updating your wardrobe because they are affordable and versatile.

A good-quality cowboy hat can cost you upwards of $100, while you can get several beef hats for the same price. For example, our beef hats cost under $30, which means you can get two or three that you can rotate throughout the week.

Lower cost is also important because you will need more than one hat while you're working.

Not only can your hats easily get dusty while you're working, but the inevitable sweat that will get into your hat after a hard day's work means you'll have to wash your cattle hats regularly.

This means that you'll have other hats to wear while your freshly-washed hats are drying.

Beef hats are also super versatile, which makes them the perfect choice for updating your wardrobe. 

For example, a beef cap is perfect for running errands or having lunch with friends. It's also a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit or give your older clothes a fresh new look.

Why Beef Hats Make the Perfect Farmer Fashion 

Aside from their versatility and affordable price, beef hats are the perfect addition to your farmer wardrobe because they show your support for farming and the causes that are important to you.

There are many reasons that people give for why it's important to support local farmers. These include:

  • Helping the environment 
  • Better-tasting meat
  • Increased animal welfare
  • Putting money back into local communities

Your cattle hat can help you show your support for these causes by encouraging people to support local farmers. 

For example, our Beef Emblem hat features the message "Beef: Support Ranchers" on top of a navy blue fabric that matches nearly everything in your closet.

A hat like this not only freshens up your wardrobe with new items but it gives your wardrobe powerful meaning as well.

How To Choose the Right Beef Hat

The next step in updating your farmer wear is in choosing the right beef hat.

First, you want to choose a color that will match your farmer's wardrobe. Think about whether you usually wear jeans or beige trousers when working on the farm.

If you like wearing warm, earthy tones, then our olive green Beef Patch hat is a great choice. This color also works very well with warm-toned trousers in beige or brown.

If you mostly wear blue jeans when working, then a blue or gray hat in a matching cool-tone might be a better option.

If you're not sure, then a black hat is always a great option for work, while a white hat is a good pick for errands and meeting up with friends.

And if you're worried about which color will look flattering on you, take a look at which colors look best on your skin tone.

As a general rule, warm skin tones look best with earthy tones and warm colors like red, while cool skin tones look amazing with colors like blue, purple, and gray.

You also want to consider whether the hat is adjustable or not so that you can pick the right size. At YNOT Lifestyle Brand, our beef hats are one-size-fits-most and come with an adjustable snap.

How to Style Beef Hats for Farmer Fashion 

The best way to style a beef hat is to decide how you will style it with your daily work wardrobe. 

This means that you want to consider what color and style of hat work best with the following:

  • Neck gaiters
  • Work gloves
  • Overalls and trousers
  • Boots
  • Aprons
  • Layers like sweaters and vests

There's no doubt that your farmer's wardrobe should be practical first and foremost. But if you want to create some more fashion-forward touches to your look, you don't have to sacrifice comfort or practicality.

To give your wardrobe some refreshment, you can add a cattle hat to each of your work outfits. 

A black beef hat works very well with items like flannel shirts. These are practical garments that look great with either jeans or khaki trousers. For a pop of color, choose red or green flannel. 

You also want to consider the secondary colors of the hat. For example, our gray Beef Patch hat features an image of a cow with the message "eat more beef" written on a bright orange patch.

This would be the perfect opportunity to match the orange color to an orange t-shirt or button-up. You can also wear a complementary color like red or blue to make the orange stand out. 

You can also match your hat with other accessories such as a pair of sunglasses for those hot summer workdays.

Some other easy ways to freshen up your work wardrobe include choosing brighter colors for tops, using your hat to add color to a neutral outfit, and layering with items like scarves, long sleeves, and gloves in the winter.

Tips on How To Wear a Beef Hat With Different Outfits 

Now that we've taken a look at how to style your hat, let's look at specific outfit combinations you can try.

Remember, aside from your work wardrobe, you can wear your beef hat with outfits that you'd wear when you're not doing your farm work.


The amount you can amplify your work outfit depends on what type of farm work you'll be doing.

If it's anything where you're going to get muddy, then make sure to wear an apron over top of your shirt so that you don't have to change shirts repeatedly throughout the day.

Try pairing your baseball cap with a plain t-shirt or tank top for a relaxed and casual look.

You can also use your hat to dress up a hardy pair of overalls to give them a more personalized, colorful look.

Ladies can opt for a collared blouse with their baseball cap for a chic but casual style that is perfect to wear while working in the fields.

Plaid shirts can give both men and women a classic look that's perfect for any season, but especially for fall. They also go well with sneakers, boots, and farming shoes alike.

Plus, the different colors on plaid shirts make it easier for you to match the shirt to your cattle hat.


If you're running errands such as going out to get farm supplies, then you'll want to be comfortable while still being stylish. 

For a relaxed and casual look while running errands, you can pair your beef hat with some of these outfits:

  • A plain t-shirt or tank top
  • Adding color with a brightly colored shirt or skirt
  • Wearing a two-tone long sleeve for cooler weather
  • For the ladies, a long skirt or denim shorts for summer errands

If you want to add a dash of personality and style, try combining your baseball cap with one or more pieces from your farmer's wardrobe.

This look is perfect for a casual day out or when you want to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Lunch With Friends

A hat is perfect for lunch with friends on a summer day, especially if you're not sure whether you'll be dining indoors or outdoors.

Plus, if you decide to do something after, you'll be well-prepared with good sun protection even when lunch is over.

For a more laid-back look, try wearing your cap with an oversized and slightly worn shirt and some baggy jeans. Finish the outfit off with comfortable slip-on shoes or boots.

For ladies, look effortlessly chic by pairing your cap with an oversized sweater and some skinny jeans. Make the outfit more casual by wearing flat boots instead of heels.

You could also wear a long skirt or denim shorts with your cap for a funky style.

Outdoor Events

You can also wear your cattle hat with items you'd wear outdoors. These include sports games, horse shows, and farmer's markets.

For these types of events, try pairing your baseball cap with a classic plaid shirt and your favorite jeans. Don't forget to add some comfortable boots or sneakers for an outfit that is both trendy and practical.

Pairing black skinny jeans with a baseball cap is another popular style choice for farmer fashion.

You can wear any type of shoe with this outfit, but sneakers will give the look a sporty touch. And if you wear a neutral-colored hat with your black jeans, then you can go bolder with your shirt choice.

This could be a fun graphic tee, a striped or patterned shirt, or a colorful logo tee.

What Colors Work Best With a Beef Hat?

A modern farming wardrobe consists of all the essentials that you'll need to work on the farm, but it doesn't ignore trends, modern color combinations, or modern silhouettes such as with your jeans and overalls.

The colors that work best with your hat will depend on the colors you already have in your wardrobe, as well as the color of your hat.

If you have mostly neutral colors in your farmer's wardrobe (i.e., black, white, gray, and beige), then a colorful hat would be a great option.

If you're not a huge fan of wearing too much color, you can focus on small pops of color instead. This could be with neutral-colored hats that have a colorful patch on them, have colorful letters, or have colorful outlines along the side of the patch.

For an even more minimalist look, get a hat with contrasting back mesh. This could be something as simple as a gray hat with white mesh at the back. While the contrast isn't huge, the differences in tone still add some interesting dimension to your outfit.

And if you love wearing lots of color, remember that the key to a harmonious outfit is choosing colors that complement one another. You also want to include plenty of neutrals (such as with jeans and trousers) to keep the look balanced.

If you're having trouble creating a modern farming wardrobe, take a look at a complementary color chart to help you.

Your farming wardrobe may have all the right pieces, but it may just be missing some complementary colors like blue and orange to tie it all together.

Give Your Wardrobe an Instant Update With Beef Hats

No matter how you choose to wear them, beef hats are a great way to add some personality and style to your durable farmer's wardrobe.

The key to styling your beef hat is to keep the occasion in mind and to know what colors work best for you. Above all, always stick to your style, whether that's colorful, minimalist, or somewhere in between. 

And for stylish hats that showcase the meaning behind your work, you'll love YNOT's selection of beef hats.

With dozens of color combinations, we've got hats to fit every style. Check out our selection of hats today.

February 04, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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