Are you looking for the perfect new hat? Are you browsing our catalog of livestock hats but are unsure of which hat to pick?

The best choice of hat is one that you can wear every day, whether you're working on the farm, taking a relaxing walk outside, or meeting with friends. And no matter what's trending, you want to pick a hat that fits with your personal style.

But how do you pick a YNOT Lifestyle hat you know you'll wear and love? Luckily, this is exactly what we'll cover in this blog post!

Ready to pick your new favorite livestock hat? Keep reading for our top tips.

Consider the Occasion 

Before you choose a hat, you want to think about the occasion where you'll wear it. 

For example, will you be wearing your hat on workdays, or when you're out and about while running errands? Or, will you wear your hat while on an evening out with friends?

While you want to get a hat that's versatile enough to wear with most of your wardrobe, you may not want to wear the same hat for every occasion.

This is especially true if you're wearing your hat for daily farm work, as it may get dusty or dirty while you're working, and you may not have time to wash it in between occasions.

Farmer's Market

If you regularly attend farmer's markets, wearing your livestock hat will add a great look to your outfit. Plus, it can help you with branding your farm.

When deciding on a hat to wear to the farmer's market, think about what you sell first. For example, are you mainly a vegetable farmer? Or do you sell beef? Perhaps you also make locally made preserves or handmade items like soaps on your farm as well. 

Our Hi-Yield Flatbill Hat is the perfect choice for farmers who sell food at their local farmer's market. This hat features an earthy brown color and has the message "Support local farmers'' on it. Underneath is the phrase "It helps the community grow."

Whether you're selling produce or meat, the message on this hat helps customers feel good about their choice to support local businesses and keep the environment healthy.

While you don't have to wear a uniform when selling your products at the farmer's market, a livestock hat can help your farm stand out and make you more visible to customers. 

Daily Farm Work

Wearing a hat during daily farm work is essential to protect your skin from the elements, whether that's harsh sun or strong wind.

To pick a hat for daily farm work, think about what your work wardrobe looks like.

If you mostly wear dark colors for work, then you might want a lighter hat with a pop of color. For instance, our Fieldhand Hat is a fun option for your daily farm work.

This light gray hat has a bold red patch on the front that says "farm use" in bold letters. This message adds some fun to your workday and also reminds you that this is your work hat.

Plus, the mesh at the back of the hat is great for hot days or when you're doing a lot of hard work. 

If you're doing work where you may get a lighter-colored hat dirty or muddy, then think about getting a darker color. Our Hoss Hat is a great choice for a dark-colored hat that you can wear without worrying if stains will show up too noticeably.

This black hat has an olive-toned patch on the front that says "Support the American rancher" with "eat more beef" written underneath.

The blue color outlining the patch adds a fun pop of color, while the dark gray mesh in the back blends in well with any dust that may get on the hat while you're working.

Lunch With Friends

For lunch with friends, you can wear any color of hat as long as it matches the outfits you're planning to wear. To choose a hat for meeting up with friends, you want to think about the colors you already have in your wardrobe.

Remember to also look at the colors of the clothes you'd wear on a day or evening out, not the clothes you usually work in.

Think about how much of a statement you want the hat to have as well. Do you want it to complement your outfit while protecting you from the sun, or do you want it to be a statement piece?

A fun option for a statement hat is our new Aztec YNOT Hat. This hat features an embroidered YNOT logo and an Aztec-inspired front panel pattern. You can pair this hat with a neutral outfit of black and gray shades.

You can also match other parts of your outfit like your shirt to any of the main shades on the hat for a coordinated look.

If you'd like to go for a more understated yet classic look, then you'll love our classic The Original Hat. This medium-gray hat has raised embroidery that features the YNOT logo, as well as mesh in the back.

This is a great option for a classic yet timeless look that will go with just about any outfit you wear it with.

Think About Your Wardrobe

The next step when choosing a livestock hat is to decide on what you already have in your wardrobe. 

This will save you money so you don't have to keep buying new outfits to match your hats. Plus, you'll end up with a more coordinated wardrobe that you can mix and match to create new, fresh looks.

If you wear lots of color or patterns, then one of the best choices is to get a neutral hat like our new Roughstock Flatbill Hat. This hat has black front panels and mesh as well as a gray patch on the front with the YNOT logo and the phrase "rodeo wear."

The neutral colors of this hat make it a perfect choice if you're only getting one hat as you can wear it with most of the items in your closet.

If you're not sure of your personal style, then you can take a look online or create a Pinterest board of style inspirations. These can include colors, patterns, and shapes that you gravitate towards as well.



Color Coordination

One way to give your outfit an instant boost is to coordinate your colors. If this is something you're unfamiliar with, you'll first want to look at the color wheel to see which colors compliment each other and look good together.

To coordinate your outfit with a hat, you can choose to go with a simple, neutral outfit and let your hat be the pop of color. Or, you can use the color wheel and find a hat in a complementary color to what you have in your wardrobe. 

Another important element of color coordination is making sure to match warm and cool tones. Aside from black and white, all colors fall into one of these two categories.

Warm colors have more yellow in them, while cool tones have more blue in them. Warm colors include yellow, orange, red, and pink, while cool tones include green, purple, and blue.

See Which Tones You Mostly Wear

To buy a hat that best coordinates with your existing closet, take a look at whether you wear mostly cool tones or warm tones. Then, choose a hat that's either cool-toned, warm-toned, or neutral if you have lots of both tones in your wardrobe.

A great hat option for lovers of colorful clothing is the Hereford Patch Hat. The teal and pink colors of this hat are reminiscent of the 1950s and 1980s, adding a vintage flair to your outfit.

These two colors already complement each other, so you can either wear neutrals to let the hat stand out or find a shirt in a complementary shade of blue for a colorful yet coordinated match. 

Reflect Your Farm

Another great way to pick the best hat for you is to make sure your hat's image and messaging reflect your farm and the type of farming you do.

For example, if you have lots of horses on your farm, then a great hat to pick would be our Wild Horse Hat

This bright orange hat is a great pick for riding, taking care of your horses, or getting the morning hay ready. Plus, the bright color is great for helping your co-workers spot you if you're out in the field.

If you are a cattle farmer, then you can pick a hat that reflects your cattle farm. For instance, our Beef Patch Hat features an orange patch with an image of a cow and the message "eat more beef" written on it. 

Not only does the orange patch offer a nice contrast to the light gray of the hat, but it's the perfect showcase of what your farm is all about.

Show Your Brand’s Messaging

You can also use your choice of hat to reflect the overall message of your farm and your business.

This is also a great option if you want a hat that shows your brand without having to purchase a hat that's custom printed or that looks too much like a uniform.

For example, if you're proud to be a local farmer, then our Locally Grown Hat is a perfect choice. This hat has white embroidery that says "locally grown" on it, with the fitting image of a sprouting seedling on top.

Plus, this hat comes in green, brown, beige, and blue so you can create the perfect match for your wardrobe. 

Matching Materials

Finally, you can also use the materials you wear to figure out how to choose your hat. 

Materials can include leather, suede, cord, and metal, such as watches or earrings. So, if you have brown leather boots that you wear while working, then you want to think about what kind of hat would make a good match.

If you wear a lot of brown leather, for instance, our Leather Logo Patch Hat makes a great choice for a coordinated yet practical outfit. This gray hat features a brown leather patch with the YNOT logo on it.

The best part about this hat is that the design is versatile enough for you to use as your work hat or as a hat to wear on social occasions.

When looking at hats for sale, you want to consider how to match leather and metal to each other. This will give you a more coordinated and professional look while still keeping your outfit practical.

For example, if you have a black leather watch strap, try to match any other leather pieces in your outfit to it. This would include your boots and belt.

When all three of these pieces are black, your outfit will look more put together, which is a huge plus if you'll be meeting with colleagues or setting up a stall at the farmer's market or country fair.

Choose the Best Livestock Hats From Our Catalog

Livestock hats are one of the best hat options to give you protection from the elements while showcasing and honoring your important job as a farmer.

And at YNOT Lifestyle Brand, our aim is to create inspirational yet practical clothing for the modern-day farmer.

Whether you're looking for an everyday work hat or a hat for going out and about and meeting with friends, you're sure to find something you love at YNOT.

Check out our catalog of hats today to find your new favorite hat that you'll wear again and again.

December 15, 2021 — Ashlie Abbott

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