A hat is one of the most universally loved pieces of attire you can put on. 

Hat and cap stores make up a $2.5 billion market today. The hat has long been a source of expression and style for people of all backgrounds. 

If you're a farmer, cattle owner, or someone who loves the lifestyle, we're happy to point you in the direction of some hat choices that you'll love. Read below for a guide to unique cattle hats that you can purchase.  

The Benefits of Cattle Hats

So, what are the benefits of cattle hats? For one, they fit snugly and are built with some of the best materials. These are hats that display messages you'll resonate with if you're all about Americana and the agricultural lifestyle. 

They typically come in flat brim and curved bill varieties, both of which are excellent at helping you keep the sun out of your eyes. A well-fitting hat can block out the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, keeping you healthy and free from harm. They come with perforated tops, sides, and backs so that you get plenty of air circulation to your scalp and your entire head. 

Different Types of Cattle Hats

Now that you know why people love cattle hats, you can begin shopping around for the kind that you'll love most. Companies like YNOT specialize in these hats and have a wide variety that you can choose between. 

Once you see the different offerings available, you'll be able to choose the style that you resonate with, in addition to figuring out which color and style choices you appreciate. 

Here are a few of the cattle hat options you might choose to explore:

Brisket Flatbill Hat

The Brisket flatbill hat is a favorite for many people. It's one of the many hat options available because it highlights so much of farming and cattle culture. The hat features a bull's horns, solid charcoal outlined by red etched stitching, and features the message "Eat More Beef". 

The hat also has the "Established" designation with the year 2015. Because it's a flatbill hat, it's perfect for just about any occasion or style of dress that you can think of. It's also named after brisket, which is one of the most succulent and delicious beef meals that people love to sink their teeth into. 

Hereford Patch Hat

If you're in the market for new hats, you'll appreciate having the Hereford patch hat on your list. It features a bold and minimalist design with a beautiful color scheme. 

The hat features a red cow in the middle of a blue background, with the "Eat More Beef" slogan stamped. It's set in front of a heather gray and black color scheme. 

YNOT Flatbill Hat

The YNOT flatbill hat is yet another choice you should consider when exploring cattle hat options. This hat is solid, bold, and simple, which is why it's a personal favorite among shoppers. 

The hat features the YNOT logo with the company name and bull horns. It comes in solid black, charcoal and white with a blue stripe, and charcoal and black with a gold stripe. The design is clean and the hat is made with quality materials, making it one you'll be proud to wear. 

Registered Angus Hat

This is the perfect hat for a cattle owner looking to express themselves. It features the words "YLB Cattle Co." along with a proud bull situated in the center of the hat. 

The company's title, "YNOT Lifestyle Brand" is subtly stamped below the bull's feet, and it also features the signature phrase "Registered Angus Bulls". This hat comes in a heather gray and white color scheme. Since the hat is all about cattle and the pride of raising them, this hat can easily make its way into your daily wear rotation. 

Hi-Yield Hat

You'll love this hat if you're someone who takes pride in tilling the earth until it bears fruit. The Hi-Yield hat has this farmer in mind and is an expression of pride about your green thumb lifestyle. 

On top of this hat are the words "Support Local Farmers". It also features the phrase, "It Helps the Community Grow". Fittingly, this hat is brown like the soil and features a tiny leaf in the upper right-hand corner. 

Locally Grown Hat

This hat option is all about the agricultural lifestyle. It features the word "Locally Grown" in a signature-style font, bordered by a green box. 

The background is khaki colored, which is similar to both the color of soil and recyclable cardboard. People who love the agricultural lifestyle, supporting local farmers and businesses, and protecting the environment, will have this hat high on their list. 

Cattle Co. Hat

This hat is a signature offering for the YNOT brand. It's a cool and unique Blackjack color, with a "Southern Cattle Co." name and bullhead logo stamped on the front. 

Underneath the title is a gold bar, along with the YNOT Lifestyle Brand name. It's the perfect hat for any occasion and style of dress, and the charcoal color scheme is a crowd-pleaser that anyone will love and appreciate.  

Buy Your Next Favorite Hat

Buying cattle hats is pretty easy once you realize all of the options that you have at your disposal. The options above are some of the favorite choices that you can decide between when you're in the market for some new headgear. 

YNOT is a brand that believes in culture, taste, and self-belief. You can express these ideals one selection at a time when you stock up on cattle hats. To learn more about our story and the products that we sell, send us a message and browse our inventory of hats, shirts, and more. 

August 15, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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