Are you tired of wearing the same boring baseball cap to work every day? Do you wish you could have a hat that celebrated your work as a farmer while showcasing your signature style?

Then YNOT's southern hats are the perfect choice for you.

There's no question that southern hats seem to be everywhere these days, but not all hats are created equal. And when it comes to a hat that can withstand tough physical work and rough weather, you don't want to settle.

At YNOT Lifestyle Brand, we deliver stylish and dependable hats that match the quality and craftsmanship you expect—all with the inspiring message to overcome life's obstacles.

So if you're ready to find the perfect southern hat for your wardrobe, keep reading. We'll cover some of our top-selling hats, styling tips, outfit ideas, and more!

YNOT Southern Hats

At YNOT, we have a variety of hat styles to suit the colors you already have in your wardrobe. The classic high-profile trucker hat silhouette is perfect for any style, whether you love to wear bright colors, neutrals, or both!

Our hats feature a classic 5-panel design with cotton/poly twill front panels and a sturdy trucker mesh back for those tough workdays. The hats also feature a plastic snap closure to ensure a perfect fit. 

Let's take a look at some of the top-rated YNOT hats so you can find your new favorite style:

Brisket Flatbill Hat

The Brisket Flatbill hat is a perfect choice for farmers who want a neutral-colored hat that can go with any outfit but that has enough of a pop of color to add visual interest. 

This classic-style trucker hat features a yellow patch with a red outline and red bullhorns to represent a rural lifestyle. The patch reads "YNOT Lifestyle Brand Cattle Company," with the slogan "eat more beef" at the bottom.

This hat is perfect for farmers that have cattle or that specialize in beef production.

Plus, the hat's neutral gray color is perfect for those who want to complement their hat with a colorful outfit that matches the yellow and red on the patch.

Gearjammer Flatbill Hat

The Gearjammer Flatbill hat is a great choice if you love an old-school, classic look.

This hat features a medium gray front panel with white mesh panels at the back. The patch at the front reads "Cattle Co" in red, vintage-style cursive letters. Underneath the cursive is a drawing of a blue truck.

The top of the patch reads "YNOT Lifestyle brand," while the bottom of the patch reads "eat more beef" in capital letters.

The mix of old-school font and red, white, and blue coloration give the hat a classic, all-American look. 

This design also reminds those who see it of the times when farming was more local, sustainable, and benefitted the community—much like many of America's small farms today.

Hi-Yield Hat

The Hi-Yield hat is perfect for farmers who specialize in agriculture like fruits and vegetables.

This hat features an earthy green front panel with a white mesh back. The patch at the front reads "support local farmers" with a green leaf next to the slogan. Underneath this is the phrase "it helps the community grow."

The colors on the patch (white, brown, and orange) also serve as a visual symbol of the vegetables that agricultural farmers might grow.

The colors of the hat mixed with the message on its patch are symbolic of the vital fruits and vegetables that farmers grow to support their communities. 

It's also a great way to show your pride in your job and livelihood!

Locally Grown Hat

According to the USDA, 89% of American farms are small family farms. And while larger farms might produce more food, family farms are the backbone of their communities.

This is the message of the Locally Grown hat. Instead of a patch, this hat features an embroidered front panel that reads "locally grown," complete with an embroidered leaf at the top. 

The Locally Grown hat comes in four colors:

  • Black front panel, gray embroidery, graphite mesh
  • Moss front panel, brown embroidery, beige mesh
  • Green front panel, white embroidery, white mesh
  • Charcoal front panel, gray embroidery, white mesh

This hat is perfect for local farmers who want to showcase their pride in their work. It's also perfect for people who want to show their support for local farmers.

The variety of colors also means you can match it to the colors you already have in your closet. The black and graphite color is a great choice for those who want a neutral-colored hat that still stands out.

Registered Angus Hat

This hat is another good one for cattle farmers, specifically those who raise Black Angus cattle.

The Registered Angus hat comes in a medium charcoal color with a white mesh panel. The gray and white front patch reads "YLB Cattle Co" at the top and "registered Angus bulls—eat more beef" at the bottom.

The middle of the patch features a red picture of an Angus bull, with red embroidery all around the edges of the patch.

Not only does this hat feature a fun pop of color, but it encourages people to support Angus beef farmers, who take care of over 300,000 Angus cattle in the US.

Southern Flatbill

A flatbill hat has a flat bill (or visor) compared to the slight upward curve of a regular trucker hat. This gives the hat a bit more of a modern look, but it also has a functional purpose.

While curved bill hats keep more sun out of your eyes, flatbill hats are perfect if you're working outdoors and need to take your sunglasses off. The flat bill is the perfect resting place for your sunglasses, keeping them secure while you work.

YNOT's Southern Flatbill hat has a navy blue front panel, white mesh, and a white patch that reads "southern cattle producers."

The patch also features a lively mix of red, orange, and navy blue, which makes it a great choice to liven up everyday t-shirts and denim clothing.

Leather Longhorn Patch

The Leather Longhorn Patch hat is perfect for cattle farmers who want their headwear to stand out. This hat features a black front panel that contrasts nicely with the white mesh in the back. 

The front of the hat features a brown leather patch with the slogan "eat more beef—support cattlemen." The focal point of the patch is the word "beef" around the silhouette of a Longhorn bull's head.

Customers love the fit and feel of the Leather Longhorn Patch hat, and it would look great with a leather belt, boots, or jacket.

The warm brown leather on the patch would match well with either brown or black leather accessories, or it can add some more detail to an outfit with jeans and sneakers.


If you're a fan of different color combinations, then you'll love the YNOT hat.  This hat features an embroidered YNOT logo and comes in several colors:

  • Heather gray with white mesh and turquoise logo
  • Caramel with black mesh and black logo
  • Charcoal gray with white mesh and white/electric blue logo
  • Heather gray with black mesh and black/orange logo
  • Black with white mesh and white/red logo
  • Heather gray with black mesh and black/seafoam logo

This hat is the perfect match for colorful outfits because it features small pops of color.

For example, the logo on the seafoam YNOT hat is black on the bottom with a line of seafoam-colored embroidery at the top. This makes the hat a perfect pairing for a seafoam green t-shirt, hoodie, or plaid button-down.

You can also get the YNOT hat as a flatbill hat if you prefer this style.

Cow-Calf Hat

The Cow-Calf hat is the perfect ode to rural life and nature's lifecycle—things that farmers experience up close every day.

Instead of a colorful front panel, this hat features a close-up image of hay. The patch at the front features a drawing of a cow and her calf.

This hat is perfect for a day of work at the farm or a day of selling products at the farmer's market. 

Since the Cow-Calf hat is patterned, it's best to pair it with jeans and black pants or joggers. You can pair these with a beige, black, green, or white t-shirt for a simple yet comfortable work outfit.

Farm Emblem Hat

It only takes one US farm to feed 166 people per year. And when farms are threatened, so is food security. This is the issue the Farm Emblem hat speaks to.

This hat comes in a dark navy color with white mesh at the back. The red embroidered patch at the front reads "farm" in bold capital letters, with the slogan "no farmers, no food" underneath.

The Farm Emblem hat is a great choice for those who want to encourage people to support their local farmers while showing pride in their livelihood.

Since the hat features a bold red patch, it would go well with a red t-shirt, red button-down, or denim shirt.

Hereford Patch Hat

The Hereford Patch hat has a medium heather gray front panel, black mesh, and a bright blue patch at the front.

The patch features a drawing of a red Hereford cow with the slogan "eat more beef" underneath. The colors and fonts on the hat give off a vintage feel, so this is a great pick if you love an old-school style.

The Hereford Patch hat is also a great choice if you have a lot of blue and red in your closet. The pop of color on the hat is small enough that you can match it with most shades of either of these two colors. 

This hat is also a great choice if you have lots of neutrals in your closet that you'd like to accessorize with a little bit of color.

Blazer Hat

For those who love inspirational messaging, look no further than the Blazer hat. This hat has an understated color scheme of light gray with white mesh paneling at the back.

The standout feature of this hat is the bright blue front panel, which reads "YNOT Lifestyle Brand—Western Wear Co." Underneath the logo is the slogan "live life over the edge."

Surrounding the message of the patch are two lines: one resembling stitching and the other rope. 

Not only does the Blazer hat feature a beautiful pop of sky blue, but it reminds us of a powerful message: to live life to the fullest each day.

Delmonico Hat

The Delmonico hat is one of our most unique color combinations, with a light gray front panel and warm gold for the patch, mesh, and bill. 

The front patch reads "YNOT Lifestyle Brand—rodeo caps, ranch wear." Underneath this is the slogan "made for a life worth living."

Customers love the unique color of this hat, as well as the logo and fit.

Since the hat's color and message stand out so much, the best way to style this hat is to make it the focal point of your outfit.

For example, you can pair the hat with jeans, a black shirt/hoodie, and sneakers or work boots for a standout outfit that inspires you.

Fatback Hat

For those who love a vintage-inspired look with a pop of soft color, the Fatback hat is for you.

This hat features a smoke blue front panel, beige mesh, and a brown patch featuring a drawing of a pig. 

The Fatback hat is perfect if you farm pigs or if you want to highlight other farm animals you raise aside from cattle. 

For an everyday work outfit, you can pair this hat with jeans and a neutral work shirt (beige would work well). This hat would also look great with a bomber jacket and sneakers for lunch or dinner with friends.

Circle Patch Hat

The Circle Patch hat is perfect for farmers who love to wear colorful clothing. This silver hat has a unique yet neutral color, while the white patch at the front features the YNOT logo with a small ring of red around it.  

The round patch and the silver color combine to create an eye-catching hat that you can wear with any color shirt and pants. 

While red would be a good color to wear so you can match your outfit to the patch, you could wear any color shirt with this hat. A good pick to match the silver would be a cool-toned color like blue or forest green.

How to Style Southern Hats

Now that you know a little bit more about southern hats, let's talk about how to style them.

Just like any other hat, southern hats can be styled in several ways. They can be worn with casual outfits, like jeans and a t-shirt, or they can be dressed up with a button-down shirt and dress pants.

Here are a few tips on how to style YNOT's hats:


One thing to keep in mind when choosing a southern hat is the occasion. While southern hats are suitable for most occasions, the key is to style them accordingly. This will give you a harmonious and event-appropriate outfit.

For example, do you attend a lot of family barbeques? Do you operate a guest ranch where you talk to dozens of people every day? Or do you need a sturdy hat that you can wear during long hours of outdoor farm work?

If you answered yes to a few of these, you may want to start your southern hat collection with two hats: one for work, and one for social occasions. 

For work hats, a dark color like black or gray is perfect if you'll be exposed to rain and mud. The dark color of the hat will make it harder for stains to show up and the hat will be easier to clean.

But if you live somewhere sunny and hot, then the best hats are white or beige. These will reflect more sunlight and help keep your head cooler.

If you'll be working with a lot of cattle, then a hat with a sturdy leather patch is a good option to avoid scratches or damage to your hat.

Here are a few other occasions perfect for styling your new hat:

Family BBQ

When it comes to dressing for a family BBQ, southern hats are a great way to show your style and support for your local farmers.

They're also a practical option for helping you prevent sunburn if the BBQ is during the hours of the day when the sun is at its harshest.

To style hats for men, you could pair your beef hat with a colorful t-shirt tucked into jeans for a casual yet put-together outfit.

Ladies can pair their YNOT hat with a ruffled skirt, neutral t-shirt, and sneakers or cowboy boots for a fun, southern-inspired outfit.


For very casual occasions like grocery store runs, pair your hat with a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. 

If you're a fan of sneakers with colorful panels on them, then use these to your advantage and match the colors to your hat.

For example, if you have beige sneakers with green and yellow panels, see if you can get a hat that has hints of green and yellow on the patch. This will create a harmonious outfit without forcing you to painstakingly search for the same shade of hat to match the color of your sneakers.

For added warmth in the evenings, you can add a denim or leather jacket to the look. Colorful hats look great with casual clothing, so don't be afraid to experiment with bright green, orange, and red.

If plaid shirts are a casual staple for you (especially red and green ones), then you can pair them with earth-toned hats in brown or beige.

Lunch with Friends

Another great opportunity to wear your favorite plaid shirt is out for lunch with friends.

Remember that if you're wearing plaid or any other sort of pattern, you'll want to choose a neutral-colored hat like beige, gray, black, or white. 

If you do want a pop of color, choose a hat that has a neutral front panel and a colorful patch. For example, our Beefy hat has a light gray front and a white panel and a bright red, blue, and white patch for an eye-catching, All-American look.

If you want to wear a brightly-colored hat, then keep most of your outfit neutral. But remember that you can also match parts of your outfit to the colors of your hat!

For example, let's say you've picked a bright red hat. You can wear jeans and white sneakers to keep most of the look neutral, but then add a white shirt with a red logo or motif to match your hat.

Dinner Date

As long as it's not a very formal event, men's hats are suitable for most date outfits.

Some great everyday date looks include:

  • Navy or burgundy bomber jacket, black pants, gray hat
  • Leather jacket, black joggers, scarf, black hat
  • Plaid shirt, jeans, white sneakers, white hat
  • Black wool coat, black sweater, colorful hat
  • Black bomber jacket, olive joggers, beige hat

You can either build your outfit around your hat or add the hat at the end as the perfect accessory.

If you're not sure what to wear, remember that you can't go wrong with a pair of well-fitting jeans, a black jacket, and your favorite hat.

Southern-Themed Event

These events include rodeos, country music concerts, and events at your farm like open houses.

While you might wear jeans to these events, chances are you'll also dress up the outfit with a crisp button-down shirt and boots. Ladies can do the same or opt for a loose-fitting cotton dress for a summery and southern-inspired complement to their hat.

For a casual yet put-together outfit, you can pair a white button-down with well-fitting jeans and our gray Registered Angus hat. The teal patch on this white hat gives a great pop of color without overwhelming the eye.

To put together a harmonious outfit, start with the base outfit first. Keep the outfit comfortable, and then think about the focal point of your outfit.

If you want the focal point of your outfit to be a dress or a patterned button-down, choose a hat that's minimalist and neutral.

But if you want the hat to be the focal point, then don't be afraid to go bold with a colorful hat!

Farmer's Market

The farmer's market is the perfect opportunity to market your farm, the type of food your produce, and your philosophy. Most importantly, remember that you're representing your farm (and other farmers).

Keep this in mind when you're planning what outfit to wear.

One outfit idea is to wear our khaki Locally Grown hat with a plaid or denim shirt and jeans. While you want to keep the look realistic, you also want to amp up the professionalism since you're selling products from your farm.

To spice up your outfit, consider tucking in your shirt and accessorizing your jeans with a sturdy brown or black leather belt. 

This outfit represents your work as a farmer while also showcasing a put-together and professional look for your customers.

Color Harmony

The next step in styling your new hat is to consider how the colors in your outfit complement each other. If you're not sure, you can consult a color wheel to help you check if two colors look good together.

When you're picking out a hat, think about the colors that are already in your closet.

If you have a lot of black and white clothing, then a black or white hat is an easy choice for everyday wear. 

You can also use your hat to add contrast to your outfit. For example, if you're wearing a black shirt and black pants, you can add a white hat to create contrast.

If you tend to wear a lot of neutrals, then you can pick colorful hats without worrying too much about whether they match your outfit.

The one thing to consider in this scenario is whether the colors are warm or cool.

For example, neutrals like gray look best with cool tones like navy, teal, and violet. Neutrals like beige, camel, and tan look best with warm tones like red, yellow, and orange.

If you're a fan of color and don't like wearing too many neutrals, you can always get a black or white hat that you can wear with any outfit.

You can also pair your hat with other colorful elements of your outfit, as long as you keep it balanced. For example, you could pair a teal hoodie with jeans, white sneakers, and a hat with a teal patch. 

This combination keeps the outfit colorful without going over the top.

Skin Tone

If you have trouble figuring out what colors look good on you, then your best bet is to identify your skin tone. This will help you figure out the colors that flatter you the most.

One of the most common ways to figure out your skin tone is to look at the color of the veins in your wrists and hands.

If your veins appear blue, you have a cool skin tone. If they appear green, then you have a warm skin tone. If it's difficult for you to tell, then you probably have a neutral skin tone.

Some of the most flattering colors for warm skin tones include warm colors like beige, coral, olive, red, and orange.

For cool skin tones, you can try dark blue, purple, teal, and gray. And if you have a neutral skin tone, any of these colors should work for you, but some good options are mint, burgundy, and medium gray.


While your southern hat can help shield you from the sun for all seasons, you might want to have separate hats for the winter and summer months.

Rotating your hats also reduces wear and tear and helps them last longer.

For the summer months, you might want to wear lighter-colored hats. Good colors for summer are white, beige, light brown, and light gray.

Not only do these look great with your favorite summer shirts, but they reflect sunlight. This helps keep your head cool during long workdays out in the sun.

Sunlight can also fade fabric colors, so lighter colors are a good option to prevent fading and make it less noticeable.

As for the winter months, it's best to go with darker hat shades like navy, black, and heather gray. 

This is because your hat is more likely to be exposed to rain and mud, which are prone to staining your hat. Dark colors hide stains better, which means you won't have to wash your hat the moment it gets one small stain.

Southern Hats and T-Shirts: The Perfect Combination

Another great way to style your new southern hat is with a matching t-shirt.

At YNOT, we design our t-shirts with our hats in mind, so it's easy to come up with a matching outfit in only a few minutes. 

This is also a great way to put together outfits if you find yourself in a rush in the mornings.

Farmers Market Shirt

Our Farmers Market shirt comes in a bold, rust-red color that's sure to turn heads. This shirt features a blue drawing of a cow with the slogan "support local farmers: eat more beef"  written across it. 

True to its name, this shirt encourages people to eat more meat—not in a wasteful sense but to support their local hard-working farmers.

This is a great shirt to wear if you're a vendor at the farmer's market. The slogan is also a good way to start a conversation with customers and answer their questions about the benefits of local meat and produce.

The Farmers Market shirt would pair well with any neutral-colored YNOT hats, as well as hats that have hints of red. These include our black Cattlemen Flatbill hat and our Beef Patch hat. 

Farm and Ranch Co. Shirt

If you want to get a colorful hat, then the Farm & Ranch Co. shirt is a great choice. This unisex t-shirt comes in black and features the YNOT logo in red and white, as well as the slogan "farm and ranch co." 

This shirt is a great everyday top, whether you want to wear it to work or when you're out running errands.

The black color also makes it resistant to stains, dust, and dirt. It's a perfect match when paired with our classic black and red YNOT hat.

Rural Shirt

For those who enjoy wearing warm tones, you'll love our Rural t-shirt. This shirt comes in a neutral heather cream color with warm rust and orange details on the print.

The print itself features the words "keepin' it rural" and a drawing of a windmill and a farm fence. Made of 52% ring-spun cotton, the shirt is also lightweight and comfortable without compromising on durability.

It's a great shirt to wear either during your daily work around the barnyard or even in the rodeo arena!

The Rural shirt would look great with any of our warm-toned hats. These include the olive-colored Hi-Yield hat and the yellow and gray Delmonico hat.

Caring for Your Hat

No matter how well-made a hat is, you can still destroy it with improper care. But with the right cleaning methods, you can keep your hat looking its best for years to come. 

One of the worst things you can do for your southern hat is to throw it in the wash with the rest of your farm clothes. 

Even on the gentle cycle, your washing machine can bend or deform the bill of your hat. It might also rip off the patch or pull a thread, causing the embroidery to fray.

If you work outside in the rain a lot or your hat is prone to getting muddy, then make sure to always lay it out to dry after work.

You can either give it a rinse when it's wet or wipe away dirt with a soft cloth when the hat is dry. 

This will keep your hat as clean as possible and reduce the number of times you have to deep clean it.

You can also extend the longevity of your hats by storing them properly when you're not wearing them. The most popular ways to store trucker hats are by stacking them on top of one another in a drawer or hanging them on a hat rack. 

Depending on how dirty your hat is, you'll want to follow one of two methods to clean it:

Quick Cleaning

If your hat is only a bit dusty or needs a quick rinse to make it look as good as new, then fill a tub or your sink with cool water. Make sure not to use hot water, as this can cause the colors to run.

Next, add some gentle laundry detergent. Put the hat in the water and soak it for between 5 and 10 minutes. When the time is up, take the hat out and rinse it under cool water. Do this until the water runs clear and the suds are gone.

Squeeze the water out of the hat, but do so gently so you don't twist the bill or warp the embroidery.

Dry the hat with a towel to pick up excess water and reshape the hat. You'll want to prop the part that sits on your head on top of a bowl or can so the hat keeps its shape as it dries.

Never put your hat in the dryer as it will shrink and might not fit anymore.

To make cleaning as easy as possible, be sure to wipe your hat off periodically with a dry cloth, especially if you've been working in a dusty area.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning

For hats that need deeper cleaning and stain removal, dilute a bit of detergent in a tub filled with cool water. 

Some people use an oxygen-based cleaner like Oxyclean for stubborn stains, but be sure to check your hat's care instructions first. 

First, dip the hat into the water to wet it, then dip a small brush or a clean toothbrush into the water and spot-clean any stains on your hat.

This step helps remove sweat stains or any dirt particles that have become trapped in the fabric.

Next, you'll want to soak the hat in the tub for at least a few hours. If there are any stubborn stains, try scrubbing them out again after an hour or so.

And if you're worried about your hat losing shape, you can prop it up over a bowl and wear it when it's nearly dry to reshape it.

YNOT's Brand Philosophy

One of the reasons that YNOT is one of the best men's lifestyle brands is that we're more than just a clothing company.

Our brand arose after one of our owners was paralyzed in a car accident. Not only did he overcome this, but he overcame cancer as well and is now living a fulfilled and happy life. 

So while we prioritize quality craftsmanship and unique designs, we also want to encourage people to live life over the edge because you never know what can happen tomorrow.

No matter who you are or what you do, we all have to go through challenges, obstacles, and pain. But despite all this, we can stand back up, try again, and overcome. This is what our brand is all about.

Choose YNOT for the Best Southern Hats

With so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect southern hat for any occasion.

At the end of the day, go with a hat that fits your personal style and makes you feel most confident.

And when you choose YNOT Lifestyle Brand, you're not just buying southern hats—you're supporting the message to live life to the fullest, no matter the obstacles you face.

Our large variety of hats has something for everyone, no matter what your style is. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your perfect hat today!

June 02, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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