Do you sometimes feel like you don't really fit in at the mall? Have you ever looked at popular clothes brands and wondered why the heck anyone would want to wear any of that stuff?

The truth is that not everybody likes big glasses, floral cologne, or clothes that glitter. It's not that there's anything wrong with that stuff, necessarily. It's just not for everyone.

Because of this, YNOT decided to make clothes that are better suited for folks who are looking for something with no-frills. Our clothes are just like you: resilient, comfortable, and good-lookin'. 

If you are looking for some clothes that show off your personality, read on. Our lifestyle brand clothing is perfect for straightforward people who listen to country music and love the outdoors.

Rural Lifestyle Brand Clothing 

Buying clothes isn't always the most fun activity. But it sure is good to have something in your closet. 

Rural lifestyle brand clothing is the kind of clothing you can wear anywhere. These clothes are good, durable, and comfortable for those days you might be working outside. They're also great for snowmobiling, fishing, and hiking.

You can even wear rural lifestyle brand clothing out at a barbecue or a restaurant. Because our shirts are well-cut, guys can wear them out without hearing complaints from the missus (y'all know what we are talking about).

The reason that our clothes are great for so many different situations is that they were specially designed for country folks. YNOT is owned by a couple of farmers who love the outdoors and the farming lifestyle.

Because of this, we know exactly what kind of clothing people are looking for. We design our shirts and hats so that they work well for all of your needs.

Our Story: Living Life to Its Fullest

YNOT was founded by a couple of normal country guys that went through some major challenges. In 2011, YNOT co-owners Cody Moran and Shane Luster were in a car accident.

Both men survived, but Cody was paralyzed. With the support of his friends and family, Cody gave his all in physical therapy. He got used to using a wheelchair and regained his independence.

Thanks to all of his hard work, he got to a place where he could enjoy his life again.

But, as we all know, life is full of ups and downs. And in 2014, not long after his recovery, Cody found out that he had leukemia. He could have let life defeat him in that moment, but he decided to fight.

Once again, he surrounded himself with his community and rallied to get better. Luckily, after a battle, Cody managed to beat the disease. 

These days, Cody is living an active lifestyle. He has kept his head held high and found ways to enjoy all of the wonderful things that life has to offer. He knows that life is hard, but he doesn't want that to stop him from being happy.

With this "keep your chin up" attitude in mind, Cody and Shane started YNOT in 2015. They wanted to use the clothing brand to spread a message: No matter what life throws at you, don't be afraid to find happiness.

As Cody and Shane know way too well, tomorrow is never promised. So, YNOT live life over the edge?

YNOT's Awesome Hats

YNOT has a bunch of great lifestyle clothing. Our hats are popular with farmers because they are functional and comfortable. 

We also offer a bunch of hats with fun slogans. These slogans were made to help you show the world a bit of farming pride. After all, what's better than wearing clothes that you believe in?

The Back Forty Hat

This cap is perfect for anyone who really loves farming. The logo on the front says, "Farm & Ranch Co." That way, everyone who sees you wearing the cap will know exactly what you're about.

But, more than just a fashion statement, this hat is great for those long days out in the sun. If you are sick of getting sunburned and want to wear something comfortable, this is the hat for you.

The front bill of the hat is wide enough to give you a bit of shade on those hotter days. Meanwhile, the back is made with truckers' mesh. This basically works by pushing the sweat off of your head and keeping it out of your eyes.

In terms of customer satisfaction, we are proud to say that it's high. If you check out our reviews, you'll see that guys have called this: "a good hat." As far as we are concerned, that's the best recommendation out there.

The Beef Patch Hat

Do you raise cattle? Or, do you sometimes wonder what all those vegetarians out there are making such a big fuss about? If that sounds like you, the beef patch hat is a lighthearted and funny way to share your opinions.

The logo of the hat says: "Eat More Beef." And our customers just love the message. One proud mom told us, "I think this may be the coolest hat my son has in his collection!"   

Like the back forty hat, the beef patch hat is perfect for spending long hours in the sun. The front part of the hat works well to protect your face from a nasty sunburn. The truckers' mesh in the back will keep sweat off of your head.

All in all, this is a solid hat for anyone who wants to spread the pro-beef message. It's cool, comfortable, and a great conversation starter.

YNOT's Good-Looking T-Shirts

Hats aren't our only specialty at YNOT. We also have some pretty good-looking t-shirts for both guys and girls. Just like our hats, our t-shirts don't hold back from sharing our pro-farmers message.

The best part is that YNOT t-shirts are extra comfortable. The fabric is very soft, which makes the shirts perfect for working, relaxing, or even going out. Read on to see some of our top sellers.

The Combine Guys' Tee

This combine t-shirt is really great. It comes with a YNOT logo on the front pocket. On the back, it has a cool-looking tractor with the words "Farm & Ranch Co." written in bold.

The shirt is more than just a good-looking piece of clothing. It also was made to last. With its double-needle stitching, this shirt is extremely durable. You can wash it and wear it over and over again without worrying that it'll fall apart.

As we mentioned above, our t-shirts are all really comfortable. The reason? We use special soft-washed garment-dyed fabric to give the shirt a broken-in feel.

People also really appreciate that the shirt's fabric is breathable. This means that you can wear it on a sunny day without overheating.

Our customers can't stop talking about how great these shirts feel. One satisfied client wrote, "Absolutely love yall's clothing. Amazing quality and absolutely comfortable."

Another happy client told us, "I have purchased several items for my son, and none have disappointed! Very happy with the look, softness of the tees, and the quality. Will continue to be a customer!"

The Rural Women's Tee

If you love life in the country, this is an awesome shirt to show it! With the words "Keepin' It Rural" written across the front, this shirt will make sure that nobody mistakes you for a city girl.  

Just like the combine t-shirt, this women's t-shirt is ultra-comfortable. With its airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, this shirt has some of the softest fabric.

A lot of women love how great this shirt is on hot summer days. The material is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Because of this, the tee is lightweight and much cooler than one of those shirts that are 100% cotton.

Our customer reviews for this shirt have been really fantastic. One satisfied customer told us, "Absolutely love this shirt! Did a size large for a perfect loose fit and comfy!" 

Another woman shared, "The T-shirt material is great! YNOT's mission is also awesome and one I love to support!"

YNOT Order Lifestyle Brand Clothes Today?

Life is short, and our clothes are awesome. So, YNOT place an order today? Click here to explore our lifestyle brand clothing, including our collection of good-looking hats and t-shirts.  

If you're not comfortable with online shopping, don't worry. You can get in touch with us by phone or through our contact page. We would be more than happy to help you out as you choose the perfect clothes for you.

March 16, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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