Did you know that there are about 2 million farms across America? A single US farm feeds about 166 people each year in both the US and in other countries. Since farmers supply us with almost all of our food, it's important to show support for them.

Wearing cattle ranch hats is an inexpensive and easy way to show that you care. Read on to learn about some of the best hat options for rural lifestyle enthusiasts.

1. YNOT Logo Hats

If you're going for minimalism, a simple YNOT hat might be a good choice. This hat features our brand name and cattle-head-shaped logo. The design is embroidered on the front and raised above the hat's fabric for textured appeal.

These cattle ranch hats are made up of multiple colors. The white logo sits under a bright blue stripe that adds a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic palette. The front, made from gray cotton and poly-twill, is attached to a white trucker mesh back.

You can also choose to get this design with a black mesh back rather than a white one. All-black options are also available.

2. Eldorado Flatbill

This breathable hat is made from the same materials as our other styles. It also has a plastic snap adjustable that's common among our designs. This means that the hat is one size fits most, so you don't need to worry about choosing the right size for your head online.

This 5-panel trucker cap features a silver embroidered message proclaiming support for the YLB Cattle Company. It also has a design of a bull's head in the center on top of the pure-black front panels. The back is also made from black mesh for a simple monochromatic look.

3. Locally Grown Ranch Apparel

While a hat can't be grown on a local farm, it can advocate for eating food that is. That's why a cattle ranch cap that showcases the term "locally grown" is such a good choice. It shows your support for local farmers and the need for fresh food.

This cap features the same raised embroidery that our YNOT logo hats do. The green text sits on a khaki base, making it a great choice to wear with any cool-colored outfit or naturally-neutral palette. The hat itself looks fresh and simple, much like farm-to-table food is.

4. Locally Grown: Green Edition

If you like the Locally Grown cap design but want something with a little more color, you can get the same hat in green and white. This features the same style, complete with the small plant bud growing over the word "locally."

However, its front panels are made from a natural dark-green fabric that matches your favorite plants and tractors. If you're someone who wants to attract the eyes of those around you to your message, this hat is a great choice.

5. Southern Cattle Patches

If you're a fan of patches on hats, we have several styles with both text and images on them.

One of the simplest and most versatile is our "Southern Cattle Producers" hat. This cap's patch features bold text in both brown and teal. A cartoon image of two cattle sits above the words to create eye-grabbing visual appeal.

This patch sits on charcoal front panels that pair well with its breathable white trucker mesh back. Because of its simplicity, it's easy to style this cap with any minimalist cattle ranch shirt that showcases YNOT's brand name or another simple message such as "Locally Grown."

6. No Farmers, No Food

If you like patches and direct messages, our "No Farmers, No Food" design is one of the best options available to you.

This cap is unique in that its front panels are light blue. This matches the sky above any farm and goes beautifully with other pastels you like to wear. It also pairs nicely with red apparel since the bright red outline of the patch stands out against the panels.

Since the cap also proclaims that we should "support local," you're getting your message across in multiple ways.

7. Hi-Yield: Support Local Farmers

Want to make the fact that you support farmers loud and clear? One of our favorite patch hats proclaims that we should "support local farmers." It also states that doing so "helps the community grow," which is a statement that can open doors to conversations about local sustainability with those around you.

The patch is framed with a brown border that sits on a dark-green front-panel fabric. This adds to the natural aesthetic while matching the brown font on the patch. It's the ideal choice for those who want something natural and neutral while still visually engaging.

8. Eat More Beef

"Eat more beef" is another great message that you can make to show support for local farmers. You can get a simple embroidered hat that proclaims that you can support cattlemen by doing this. It goes with everything!

However, there are also more intricate options that you can choose from. Our "eat more beef" patch hat is one of our most colorful patch designs. It features both blue and red font combined with a red image of cattle.

The yellow accents on this hat serve to draw the light blue and warm red hue together. Since the patch lays on light gray panels, this much-needed pop of color does not clash with anything and instead goes well with most outfits.

Buy the Best Cattle Ranch Hats Today

While showing support for rural farmers may sound like an expensive challenge, it's easy to buy and wear cattle ranch hats anywhere. Now that you know some of the top ranch trucker hat options to spread your message, it's time to get started.

Our experts are committed to helping you find the perfect accessories to show others that you're a fan of the rural lifestyle. Contact us with any remaining questions that you have about our styles, how to create an awesome outfit, and more.

September 06, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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