There are so many things to appreciate about living in America: rock and roll, Coca-Cola, national parks, and southern barbecue, to name just a few. 

Americans take pride in our unique culture, and we love to declare our freedom through what we wear! Comfortable, practical, and proud, Americana is making a comeback thanks to Southern hat companies!

Are you familiar with Americana culture and fashion? Looking to refresh your wardrobe and make a homegrown American statement this season?

You've come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about this celebration of all things American!

What Is Americana?

The term "Americana" captures an overall vibe of the American lifestyle. Fundamental tenets of Americana are freedom, independence, pride, and equality. 

The American people have never aimed to blend in with the crowd. Our nation has generated heroes, inventors, and innovators for over two centuries. 

Many wonderful things make up our country, including our rich history, rebellious roots, and our melting pot of many cultures. Unfortunately, our country is struggling with a political divide, and the American spirit has reached a low in recent years.

Patriotism has become synonymous with supporting a specific political party. Sadly, the American people have lost faith in their governance and trust in their neighbors. Every American citizen deserves to feel proud of their homeland!

We've lost touch with the hard-working, passionate Americana spirit. However, there has recently been a resurgence in Americana fashion, inspiring hope for a revival in American pride!

The Americana Aesthetic 

How can Americans celebrate American pride? With fireworks on the fourth of July, and by dressing in Americana every day!

Americana fashion is inspired by America's rich history and fashion trends throughout the decades. This style celebrates American ingenuity, perseverance, and freedom. It is a conglomeration of cultures throughout history. 

Workwear Essentials

Americans aren't afraid to get their hands dirty (or their blue jeans). We love to work hard during the week so that we can party hard on the weekends. 

Workwear pieces are an essential component of Americana fashion. We're not talking about a three-piece business suit. Americana style is inspired by hard-working, blue-collar, and farm life clothing.

Denim has been a staple of American workers since the 1860s. Today, you can wear jeans for nearly any occasion in the United States. Blue jeans, button-up shirts, cowboy hats, and baseball caps are great examples of Americana fashion. 

Road Trip Spirit

With spacious skies and amber waves of grain, America is a dreamland for travelers. There are now 423 national parks in America! We're one of the best countries to road-trip around. 

Americana fashion takes inspiration from America's natural beauty and the traveling culture travel. Outdoor fashion like hiking boots, backpacks, and sunglasses can easily be part of an Americana outfit. The van life and road-tripping culture of the 1970s also play a role in Americana. 

Vintage Inspiration

Do you love learning about American history? Do you admire antiques, vintage items, and traditional living? What better way to honor American history than to wear vintage and vintage-inspired fashion pieces!

The 1970s are a vital decade for inspiring Americana fashion, but you can pull pieces from any decade to create an Americana look. Some of the most popular American fashion trends include flapper dresses, poodle skirts, tie-dye, and punk-rock.

Women's movements have also greatly impacted American culture. When you picture strong American women, you may picture Rosie the Riveter! Her outfit is a great example of Americana fashion for women. 

You can add Americana flair to any outfit with a vintage jacket, classic T-shirt, or bandana. Of course, anything in patriotic colors will also fit into this aesthetic!

Southwestern Flair

The country lifestyle is perhaps the biggest inspiration for Americana fashion. Out of all regional subcultures in America, southern style and culture are arguably the most iconic. 

American fashion is heavily influenced by country living. Today, the South is home to many proud Americans, and their patriotic spirit inspired the recent rise in southern fashion trends.

No self-respecting southern closet is complete without cowboy boots and blue jeans. Turquoise, fringe, cowhide, and leather are some other Southern Americana wardrobe staples!

Southern Hat Companies Reviving Americana

The new age of Americana fashion is rapidly growing as young people are eager to take pride in their nation. Many fashion and lifestyle brands have caught on to the trend and want to do their part to uplift the American spirit! Baseball caps and cowboy hats have been iconic American fashion pieces for generations. Southern hat companies like YNOT Lifestyle Brand are taking American headwear to the next level. 

America wouldn't be the same without our farmers; that's why YNOT takes inspiration from these valuable citizens. YNOT's hats spread awareness and support for local farmers and ranchers. These hats aren't just stylish; they're built with durable materials to withstand your daily adventures. 

In addition to hats, YNOT Lifestyle Brand also offers a wide range of Americana clothing and accessories for men and women. Farm life isn't for everyone, so farmers deserve to take pride in southern style!

Become an American Trendsetter

Americana fashion is about appreciating your heritage, overcoming obstacles, and embracing new challenges. When you proudly represent your country and support southern hat companies, you join a long line of American trendsetters and history makers. 

Think you've got what it takes to revive the Americana trend? Ready to show your American spirit?

YNOT Lifestyle Brand encourages you to express your individuality as an American. Before hitting the fields or the streets this season, stock up on YNOT Lifestyle Brand's versatile hats, shirts, and accessories!

July 01, 2022 — Ashlie Abbott

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